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Market Report: Indonesia

WBA has partnered with the GIZ and launched the market report on Indonesia on the 12th of December 2022.

Indonesia has pledged to reduce emissions to Net Zero by 2060 or sooner. Recent policy demonstrates the Indonesian government’s plans to power growth in Indonesia through renewables, with the National Grand Strategy on Energy stating that renewables should make up a 23% and 31% share in the energy mix by 2035 and 2050 respectively. Biogas in Indonesia has significant potential in helping to meet this goal, while also mitigating other issues such as bringing energy to rural areas, increasing sanitation and reducing the costs of fossil fuel imports.  

There are vast amounts of industrial organic waste to be treated from the palm oil industry as Indonesia supplies over 80% of palm oil globally. Indonesia is also a large tapioca producer with over 60 tapioca mills across the country. The potential electrical outputs from palm oil and tapioca mills are approximately 1.1 GW and 142 MW, respectively 

Additionally, sewage and livestock can all provide feedstock to fuel the development of the biogas sector in Indonesia.  

With only 78 industrial scale digestors in use currently, there is great potential for market development here.

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