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Biogas Benefits Calculator

With this tool, you will evaluate the potential of biogas in your region or business.

Treating organic wastes via anaerobic digestion (AD) offers multiple benefits: (i) it generates energy in the form of biogas, (ii) it recycles nutrients in the form of a biofertiliser, digestate, and (iii) it prevents methane emissions released when organic wastes are poorly managed. All of which contribute to biogas’s ability to cut global greenhouse gas emissions by over 10%. WBA’s Biogas Benefits Calculator is ideal for AD plant owners, geographic regions and local governments to estimate the potential of biogas in your market. Simply input the organic feedstock type and its tonnage. Find out the potential for carbon savings, energy output, biofertiliser and bio-CO2. For assistance, contact Nick Primmer, Lead Policy and Market Analyst at WBA, at

Anaerobically digesting                 tonnes of                delivers…

               MWh biomethane

               tonnes bio-CO2

               tonnes digestate (biofertiliser)

               tCO2e  avoided methane emissions

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