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As part of our ongoing responsibility to enable the biogas and anaerobic digestion industry to realise its full potential, WBA is developing an ongoing series of market reports, technical webinars and associated guidance notes, and sector-focused policy briefings. Below is the preliminary schedule of events. As a membership organisation we are keen to hear suggestions as to which areas you would like to know more about, in regard to markets, technology or process. Please contact at WBA.

World Biogas Association BRAZIL Congress 2023


Technical Aspects for Implementing A Successful Biogas Project

There are five different families of digesters, but over 90% of biogas plants in Europe belong to just one of them. In most cases, plants are engineered and optimised according to the constructor’s criteria, or its proprietary technology or patents, or the agreement it has with the suppliers of components. Such definition of “optimum” does not mean that the final outcome is optimum for the specific context of the customer. Solutions that are “the market standard” in one country are not necessarily suitable elsewhere. Knowing to evaluate how to choose the most suitable solution for given context is then crucial to get the highest return from the investment.

Learn about the basics of anaerobic digestion technology and how to manage the digestion process and biogas purification in this training course.


Technical aspects for Implementing a successful biogas project (14/09/2023)

WBA’s Exhibiting at COP27

14th-17th November

Blue Zone, Stand Number 22, Egypt

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WBA’s Event Co-hosting

Methane from the Waste Sector: Opportunities and Challenges to Deliver the Global Methane Pledge

17th November

16:45—18:15 local time

Thutmose in the Blue Zone of COP27

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Education and outreach

Chair: Amaya Arias-Garcia

Occurs every quarter

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R&D: biogas and other renewable gaseous fuels

Chair: Keith Simons

Deputy Chair: Daniel Lee

Occurs every quarter

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Women in biogas

Chair: Darlene Gering

Occurs monthly

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Interim Chair: Dr Nick Primmer

Occurs every quarter

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Webinar the Outlook for Biogas and Biomethane (1)

Webinar: the Outlook for Biogas and Biomethane

21 September 2023
15.00-16.30 BST

How quickly can biogas grow?

Our house is on fire. We have between now and 2030 to put it out. But time – and carbon budgets – are running out.

One industry that can make a big difference fast – and is therefore predicted to experience steep growth by all reputable forecasters – is that of biogas/biomethane. The industry could deliver an 11% reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and deliver half of the Global Methane Pledge, signed at COP26 in Glasgow – yet we are currently tapping into just 2% of the global capacity of anaerobic digestion (AD). The potential for growth is enormous. Fully deployed, AD could deliver 6-9% of the world’s current energy consumption, 16-22% of its electricity consumption if used for power generation or replace 26-37% of its natural gas consumption should the resulting gas from the process be upgraded to biomethane.

Everyone agrees there will be growth, but there are differences on how much.

In its latest annual energy report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts the bioenergy sector will be the second-fastest growing source of energy between now and 2050 after hydrogen. The EU projects big increases, making biogas one of the three key pillars replacing Russian gas in Europe. BP, having purchased the world’s largest RGN provider in December 2022, has forecast a 25-fold increase in biogas.

But will these predictions be met? What are the assumptions behind them?

This webinar will discuss the outlook for the biogas and biomethane industry, the challenges and uncertainties around forecasts and what policy and regulatory mechanisms we need to fulfil the sectoral growth that is required to keep 1.5 C alive.

Chaired by ADBA chair and former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Chris Huhne, this  high profile webinar will feature insights from:

Chris Huhne headshot (2)

Chris Huhne

Chairman, WBA, ADBA; former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change


Charlotte Morton OBE  

Chief Executive, World Biogas Association (WBA)


Peter Zeniewski

Lead Gas Analyst, International Energy Agency

Fabio Montemurro 2

Fabio Montemurro

Head of Power Systems and Renewables, BP

Ruud Kempener

Ruud Kempener

Member of Cabinet of Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson, The European Commission

This is a must-attend webinar for policymakers, developers, and investors in one of the world’s most exciting renewable sectors.

Coming up, WBA will participate in:



World Biogas Association at COP26

10th November 2021

Integrating Short-Lived Climate Pollutants into Climate Action

Watch the video recording

Sustainability & Methane Leaks

21st April

Sponsored by Biogas Go Global, co Food & Bio Cluster Denmark

WBA Biogas Insights: Biomethane & Hydrogen: Two Gases, One Future

27th July

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WBA Plant Optimisation training

Thursday, 28th July 12:00 – 17:30 BST UK Time

WBA Training: Biogas Upgrading Technology/Opportunities – In Spanish


Formación WBA: Enriquecimiento de Biogás Tecnología Y Oportunidades – En Español 

24 de Agosto, 14:00 – 16:00 UK BST

WBA Temperature Variation and Biological Health

Tuesday, 13th September 12:30 – 17:00 BST UK Time

Texaco Lubricants Webinar

Fundamentals of Gas Engine Coolant – The critical, yet often overlooked, component in the engine

29th September, 09:30 AM – 10:30 AM UK time

Technical Aspects For Implementing a Successful Biogas Project

18 October, 13:00 – 17:00 UK Time, Zoom


Powerful pumping technology for your AD plant: Comparison of liquid and solid substrate feed

20th October, 14:00 UK time

Pamphlet Launch: Delivering the Global Methane Pledge

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Market report launch: Indonesia

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