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At the Global Methane Initiative’s Biogas Annual Meeting in December 2021, WBA’s Chief Executive made clear: the biogas industry is essential in achieving the Global Methane Pledge. She highlighted WBA’s:

  • background as the global voice of the biogas industry
  • tools and resources to help countries/organisations reduce methane emissions
  • support for help countries meet the goals of the Global Methane Pledge

Charlotte said:

“Changing how we look at waste in fact presents a huge opportunity. Not only do we stop the methane emissions, but we can recover the valuable resources all of these wastes contain – AD recycles these wastes into green energy in the form of biogas for electricity or biomethane for heat and transport – enough to replace over a quarter of today’s global coal consumption, a natural fertilizer to restore our soils, bio-CO2 and other valuable bio products. By treating through AD all of the 105 bn tonnes of organic wastes produced by humanity every year, AD/biogas can avoid their methane emissions. Over 100 countries have signed up to the Global Methane pledge to deliver a 30% cut in man made methane emissions by 2030. 

While the Pledge is a great step in the right direction, targets cannot be met without the right level of investment and policies in place to support the technologies that will deliver those emissions reductions. UNEP has recognised AD/biogas as one of the readily available technologies that can deliver methane emissions’ reduction at low cost, especially in the waste sector. WBA’s analysis show that AD can in fact deliver around 50% of the global methane pledge target.”


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