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Due to the challenges of the coronavirus, we are extending the deadline for submitting your candidacy of the WBA Council to 30th April.


The election of the Council of the World Biogas Association is governed by article E in our statutes which I quote here:


“E. Election of the Council

e.1. The GA of all members elects a 9 member Council (including President and Vice President) that is constituted of WBA members who have fully paid their membership fees for one full year

prior to their election. Council members may be re-elected once. Each member has one vote.


e.2. Terms of office of Council members

The first annual General Assembly of WBA members under these Statutes will be held latest July 2020. At this Assembly 7 members of the Council shall be elected for a three-year period whilst

the President and Vice President are elected for a two year period, renewable once.


e.3. Candidates for election to the Council are elected on behalf of the company/entity they represent. Should individual members of the Council have to stand down during their period of

office, their company may nominate a substitute for the remaining period of office. Should the Council position remain unfilled due to resignation of the nominating member an Extraordinary

General Assembly and election may be held by electronic means to substitute the Council member for the remaining period of office.”



The General Assembly elects the President and Vice President out of the 9 members of the Council.  The candidatures for President and Vice President will be announced once the Council is elected.


The role of the Council is to help the association by providing a strategic vision for its activities, guidance on how to develop the biogas sector globally, to help in the creation of alliances and partnerships for the association and its members, and to represent the association externally when needed and requested by the President or CEO.


We would assume that the Council will meet at least one each year in person, at the time of our AGM (at present each July) and will meet another 2 or 3 times a year by electronic conferencing.


If you wish to be a member of the Council you should send the relevant documentation as listed below by 30th April, 2020.


Then we will circulate these to all members in case there are more than nine candidates for the election of the Council itself.  The election will be held before 30th April 2020 and the new Council will meet for the first time at a date to be confirmed before the AGM which will formally legitimise the election and elect the President and Vice President from among the Council members.


The documents you need to send to be considered for the Council are:


  1. Your CV and a letter expressing your interest in joining the Council
  2. A confirmation that your company/entity will cover the costs of your travel and participation in the Council
  3. A commitment to dedicate 4 working days a year minimum to the Council and WBA affairs.

Please send these by 30th April, 2020 to the email address rzlokower(at)worldbiogasassociation(dot)org

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