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Dear WBA members,

The Covid-19 pandemic is throwing up a raft of commercial challenges and it is vital that your members maintain sales and marketing momentum to ensure their long-term success.

Many waste companies rely on face-to-face meetings or exhibitions such as RWM and IFAT to meet new potential customers.  For the foreseeable future they are not going to be an option but AcuComm can provide an alternative and proven communications service.

Waste Contract Finders database of waste development projects, the largest and most up-to-date of its kind, includes key decision maker contacts associated to 7,500 waste plant development and refit projects worldwide.  Waste Contract Finder is available online 24/7 on any platform and so can be accessed by staff working at home or self-isolating.

To help the industry through these exceptional times we have created the following support package.

WBA Member Support Package

The special Covid-19 support package allows immediate access to Waste Contract Finder  and means WBA members can get working quickly.

Between now until further notice for any new 12-month subscription to AcuComm Waste Contract Finder:

  • There will be no up-front charge payable
  • There will be no charge for the first 2 months of the subscription
  • From month 3 we are waiving the need for full payment in advance, in favor of 10 equal monthly payments by Direct Debit.

Positive action now will ensure we come out of the Covid-19 situation as strong as possible and I believe Waste Contract Finder is a practical and cost-effective solution to keep members engaged and trading through this difficult period.

Yours sincerely

Eric Wigart


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