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WBA Working Groups – Update 

WBA has 4 main working groups dedicated to addressing some of the biggest issues faced by the biogas community. Our working groups are for like-minded professionals from around the biogas industry to come together and brainstorm how to solve these issues while also learning from other experts in the industry.  

Here are some of the updates from our working groups.


Research and Development Group 

The R&D Group created and communicated a survey to establish a list of the grand challenges currently facing the industry, across the globe. By identifying the problems that are currently inhibiting the growth of the industry, the R&D Group together with the WBA aims to help direct policymakers, industry and academia toward the fields that will best help improve the biogas industry. The R&D Group intends to collect the responses and publish these Grand Challenges to inspire and provide direction to academics and research-intensive companies to develop the next generation of technologies to support the biogas sector. 

We appreciate your insight on the grand challenges the biogas industry is facing currently. Share your thoughts by taking the survey below. 



Women in Biogas Group  

The Women in Biogas group is currently in the process of replacing the chair of the group. The new chair will reevaluate the work of the group to drive focus and action to deliver the necessary actions identified by the group at its inception.  


Education and Outreach Group 

The Education and Outreach working group is creating a new poster-style infographic on the importance of using waste for AD as a way of promoting a circular economy. The poster will be published in time for COP27 in Egypt. This poster will be translated into multiple languages and is to be published throughout WBA and our member networks.  


Policy, Innovation, and Technology Process 

The PITC group continues to coordinate the workstreams and focus of the working groups. The group meets every other month to review progress made by the groups and discuss future work.  

New proposals put forward include a plan to develop a ‘Policy’ subgroup to receive and provide insights on policy development in both UK and global scales.   

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