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The Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) is looking for a consultant to support the city of Medan with the assessment of the current disposal site for its closure  (see below a brief summary of the consultancy).

In the UN Inspira link below you will find the detailed vacancy announcement (Job opening ID 125382-Consultant) that we will appreciate if you can circulate among your networks.



Brief summary:

A Consultant on landfill management is sought to provide expert assistance to the city of Medan, Indonesia. Focus of assistance will be to provide assessment of the current waste disposal site (TPA Terjun), including its technical aspects (stormwater, leachate and landfill gas management) and historical disposal sequence and quantities, and perform a conceptual design for the closure of the waste disposal site. Likewise based on the conceptual design of the site closure, the capital cost of the closure will be estimated. Lastly, if the necessary information is available, an assessment of the landfill gas generated will be developed, including estimating the potential of collection and use of the landfill gas.

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