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Rebecca Boudreaux, President at Oberon Fuels wants to spread the gospel of rDME at the World Biogas eFestival! Prior to her joining the session Deep dive into the Californian biogas industry at 16.00- 17.30 BST (08:00 – 09:30 PST) on 20th May, we caught up with her to find out more:

What role do you see biogas having in a Net Zero future?

We see biogas not just as a gas to be cleaned up and injected into the pipeline but as a feedstock that can make numerous, valuable fuels, chemicals, and materials. Specifically for us, we see it as feedstock to make renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) and as a critical component of Oberon’s ability to achieve our goal of decarbonizing the transportation sector. Our process uses biogas as the starting material for the production of rDME – a fuel that can be used as a diesel replacement, as a propane blending agent, and as a safe and efficient hydrogen carrier. Made from biogas (which itself has a Carbon Intensity value of -150), our rDME has a CI value of -278 which makes it a valuable option for reducing global emissions from the transportation sector.

What are the largest obstacles your region/country needs to overcome in order for the biogas industry to reach its full potential?

In the United States, the biggest challenge is finding viable offtakes for the biogas that can maximize its value. Presently, the transportation sector offers the highest value for the biogas due to the regulatory incentive structure, but more vehicles need to use biogas-based fuels. All efforts have been focused on increasing the demand for CNG and LNG vehicles, but the greatest growth opportunity is in converting biogas to other fuels such as rDME. 

What is the most exciting/promising biogas project in your region at the moment?

There are a number of interesting projects across the state of California. We find them all interesting and exciting as each project moves the ball forward in reducing emissions and creating economic opportunity for all parties involved.

What will you be focusing on your presentation at the World Biogas eFestival?

I will be spreading the gospel of rDME! Despite all the promise and potential, it is not as well-known as other biofuels, and part of my role at Oberon is to increase the awareness of this fabulous molecule and its benefits. Especially for this group, I want people to know how we are partnering with biogas providers to convert waste into opportunity.


Hear more from Rebecca and others on the speaker line up for the World Biogas eFestival, 18-21 May. Join us for a virtual tour around the global biogas industry.

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