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Member press release – Cenergy Solutions uses their ANG Technology to store biogas at a food waste biogas plant making RNG and electricity

Cenergy Solutions are using their adsorbed natural/biogas (ABG) tank trailer as buffer storage for micro turbines at a food waste biogas plant in California

Cenergy Solutions ANG Tank Trailer used to store biogas

November 10, 2022 – Cenergy Solutions’ ANG Tank Trailer is now being utilized to store biogas for two new micro turbines that supply electricity to run a biogas plant and put power into the electrical grid. North State BioEnergy, Co, Inc. owned by Chris and Pat Ottone, collects food waste from Northern California to make biogas.

Gary Fanger, CEO of Cenergy Solutions said: “Biogas that has been flared for over 6 years at this food biogas plant is now being utilized to operate two micro turbines which replace all of the electrical usage at the facility and put electricity into the grid. Instead of wasting renewable energy we can now store it inexpensivly and utilize it when needed with our high capacity ANG tank trailers.”

David Meyer and Dr. David Anderson

David Meyer is North State BioEnergy’s plant manager that oversees the operation. Like a large battery the ANG tank trailer stores the biogas until it is needed. The storage allows North State to service the gas upgrading equipment without interrupting the power generation by the turbine generators.

Cenergy Solutions’ ANG technology can be scaled up or down to store natural and biogas inexpensively anywhere in the world. The capture of methane can now be done easily and inexpensively so that it is not escaping into our atmosphere. Cenergy Solutions has projects in Thailand, Africa, India, South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States. The technology is needed throughout the world to reduce methane leakage, biogas venting and flaring and to replace fossil fuels. Cenergy Solutions’ ANG technology will help communities become energy independent by using their own waste to make energy to operate vehicles, boilers, generators, irrigation pumps and micro turbines.

Adsorbed Natural Gas, known as ANG technology, utilizes adsorbents to store methane molecules at high densities and at lower pressures than high pressure CNG tanks. This allows ANG tanks to be filled with natural or biogas at low pressures, reducing the cost of high-pressure compression and the danger of storing natural or biogas at high pressures in CNG tanks. Cenergy Solutions’ patented systems are now replacing fossil fuels with inexpensive and clean biogas.

Distributors worldwide are now being sought to help facilitate the commercialization of our ANG systems.
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