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Join WBA’s new working group: Women in Biogas


The objective of the Women in Biogas Working Group is to attract, support and empower more women in jobs in the exploding global biogas sector. Participants will explore developing partnerships with universities to create awareness of career opportunities for process engineers, designers, project managers and other related jobs in the sector. The group will also delve into developing a mentorship program for women in the industry. Other areas for consideration include setting standards for the workplace to ensure women are treated with respect and dignity.

The Women in Biogas Working Group is looking to grow with participants representing different geographic regions globally and different sectors in the biogas industry. Based on our current working group members, the regions we are targeting include: Asia, Latin America, the US, the Middle East and Africa. If you are living in one of these regions and are interested, please email to apply at no later than 29th October and provide a description of your background and organisation.

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