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Guest article by: Zain Keshavjee, Membership Manager at WBA


Over the next decade, the global anaerobic digestion and biogas sector must be harnessed to address the emerging methane crisis, says the UN Environment Programme in its recently released Global Methane Assessment report. AD and biogas are identified among the ‘low cost, readily available solutions’.


Methane is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas, responsible for around 30 per cent of warming since the pre-industrial era. As a short-lived climate pollutant – 20-25 years compared to CO2’s hundreds of years – It has a warming potential over 83 times more potent than CO2.


“Cutting methane is the strongest lever we have to slow climate change over the next 25 years and complements necessary efforts to reduce carbon dioxide. The benefits to society, economies, and the environment are numerous and far outweigh the cost”, says Inger Andersen, the UNEP Executive Director.


This is a massive market opportunity for both new and established operators, especially with the UNEP floating a methane tax of $800 a tonne to spur action.


Tackling methane is what your business does.


The World Biogas Association over the past five years has been the driving force in establishing this enabling environment – working closely with international partners such as the UN, IEA and Global Methane Initiative.


As the only global business association dedicated to biogas, we:

  • deliver landmark and market reports and the best expert advice on policy, regulation and technical issues to fast-track development,
  • offer a raft of training and development programmes and operational guidance,
  • stage the world’s largest biogas expo.


We are also in the process of developing an international AD Certification Scheme, which serves to optimise plant performance and pays for itself through the avoidance of expensive and damaging incidents and non-compliances, and often through an increase in plant performance. And we act as the industry voice on the international stage. (For a more detailed breakdown of what WBA delivers, see here)


This array of support and services underpins your investment and your returns.


As no farm would be without a vet, or publisher without a lawyer, no company in the biogas sector with international ambitions should be without WBA membership. Why not give us a call to find out how being a WBA member can help you build a successful/profitable biogas business.


Sectors covered, include:

Food production
Food waste treatment


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