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Welcome our new Policy Analysts – Who to reach out to!


Recently we welcomed 2 new Policy and Market Analysts to the WBA team; Wasundara Doradeniya and Joanna Goad. They will mainly be supporting members in the relevant areas, gathering knowledge and insight from around the globe. Wasundara and Jo will also lead the coordination of several working groups, while also supporting our Lead Analyst, Leanne Williams, in a range of areas.

Wasundara and her focus at WBA

Wasundara is an Environmental Sciences and Policy graduate from the Central European University, who joined us after finishing her internship at the Climate and Clean Air Coalition of the UN Environment Programme this Spring. With her experience in data and policy analysis in the methane and waste sectors, she now concentrates on the ‘Energy and Climate’ section of the WBA. In addition, her work also focuses on areas including,

  • Biomethane for Heat
  • Biomethane for Transport
  • Decarbonisation of heat
  • Decarbonisation of transport
  • Heat Networks
  • New Industry Relevant Grants
  • Electricity (SEG) & CHP
  • CCUS (Carbon capture, utilisation and storage)
  • Biotechnology/biorefinery
  • Biogas yield innovation


Apart from these, Wasundara is also leading the coordination of the WBA working groups, ‘Research and Development’, ‘Women in Biogas’, and ‘PITC’. Going forward, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the WBA working groups, don’t hesitate to reach out to Wasundara.

Joanna (Jo) and her focus at WBA

After finishing her Bachelor’s in Geography from the University of Cambridge, Jo joined the ADBA team as a Policy and Market Analyst focusing on the ‘Agriculture and Environment’ sections of the association. While this is her main focus, her work also expands into other areas including but not limited to;

  • Circular Economy and collection and treatment of waste feedstocks
  • Decarbonisation of waste management
  • Decarbonisation of agriculture
  • Sustainable bioenergy crops
  • Feedstock innovation
  • Soil health and digestate as a quality product
  • Digestate innovation
  • Clean air regulations and environmental regulations


For any enquiries on these respective sectors in WBA, you can reach out to;

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