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WBA’s Women in Biogas Group launch first Women in Biogas Survey


The World Biogas Association in 2021 established the first Women in Biogas working group, with the mission to support and empower women in the biogas sector and attract more talented women to consider it as a career.

A multitude of studies suggest that diversity in the workplace drives increased profitability and value creation and the adoption of better working conditions [1] as well as reduced emissions and increased environmental performance of companies [2].

The Women in Biogas working group seeks to develop an inclusive biogas industry that has diversity at its heart, reflecting the people and societies it serves. A crucial first step toward achieving this is to understand the gender dimensions and the roles of women within the biogas industry.

To do this, WBA is carrying out a short 8-minute survey to capture data on the number of women in the industry, the roles they hold and their prevalence on boards. It also seeks to gain an insight into company strategies to promote gender equality, as well as understanding perceptions and barriers to inclusion.

The WBA is therefore asking people of all genders and age working in the industry around the globe to complete the very first Women in Biogas Survey, which will run until the 31st of March. The survey can be found here.

Participants are advised that the survey asks questions on the number of employees working in the biogas section of their company, the estimated percentage of women in said sections, and percentage of women on the board of their company.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Leanne Williams at


[2] Companies that improved gender diversity on their boards from 2013 to 2018 were significantly more likely to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission and water use (60%, 39%, and 46% respectively) than those who did not (FP Analytics 2019).

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