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WBA Digestate Upgrading Training Course


Tuesday, 28th February

09:00 – 13:00 UK time

Online via Zoom


This training contains three components related to management of digestate from anaerobic digestion of various substrates. The components are i) available techniques for processing digestate; ii) approaches to analysing the environmental and cost performance of digestate processing techniques; iii) anaerobic digestion and digestate as part of nutrient management in a circular economy;


In the REPowerEU strategy, the EU Commission has set the biomethane production target via anaerobic digestion (AD) to 35 billion cubic meter (bcm) in 2030, double the 2019 level. This implies at least a doubling also of the amount of digestate, and an increasing interest in efficient management and valorisation of those resources. In this training, we will present a number of different technologies that can be used for processing digestate and how their use and performance relates to the substrate mix digested and thus the digestate composition. Participants will also get an overview of how to use a systems analysis and life cycle perspective to compare and assess different strategies for digestate management, with some examples of results. We will also introduce a wider perspective on the role anaerobic digestion and efficient use of the digestate products can play for sustainable fertilizer provision and future food security.

Learning outcome

  • Deepened understanding of the impact of feedstock mixes on the digestate composition, and how that influences the choice of processing technologies;
  • Knowledge about processing performance, energy need and relative costs of a selected number of digestate processing techniques and their combinations;
  • Ability to reflect on factors that impact the environmental performance of some selected digestate processing techniques;
  • Ability to compare and discuss pros and cons with different approaches to digestate management and how that relates to the local context;
  • Enhanced understanding of a systems perspective on regional nutrient flows and the potential contribution of biogas solutions to a more sustainable nutrient management



Prof Karin Tonderski
Prof Karin Tonderski
Assoc. Prof. Roozbeh Feiz
Giacomo Carraro
PhD Candidate Giacomo Carraro
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