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Thursday, 20th October, 14:00 UK time, Zoom

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Possible applications for Anaerobic Digestion plants with regard to liquid and solid feed

Better performance and optimisation of the energy production process

Advantages and better output when using the WANGEN BIO-MIX hopper feed pump

Dry feeding compared to liquid feeding: Using the example of a biogas plant in southern Germany. We will demonstrate why and how the conversion took place and what challenges were involved (Case study: AD plant HAFNER)


John Booth
Regional Sales Manager
Raam Badde-Morgenthaler
Application Engineer

Get to know us:  

WANGEN PUMPEN – a company with more than 25 years of development and experience in the global Anaerobic Digestion sector

Customers trust and rely on WANGEN quality pumps as the basis for their successful plant performance. The company is proud to associated with approx. 10.000 AD plants which are located in Germany. WANGEN pumps convey various types of substrate material, such as liquid manure from livestock farming, vegetable and food waste as well as renewable raw materials, e.g. straw, corn, grass silage, whole-crop-silage and animal bedding. In each case, the solid substrate is pre-blended with liquid manure or digestate before entering the digester. Since April 2022 WANGEN PUMPEN is part of the Atlas Copco Group

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