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US Government launches new guide to biogas for
on-farm methane mitigation


The American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued an updated edition of its AgSTAR Anaerobic Digester (AD)/Biogas System Operator Guidebook, to be launched at a webinar on 15th December.

AgSTAR is a collaborative programme sponsored by the EPA and USDA (US Department of Agriculture) that promotes the use of biogas recovery systems to reduce methane emissions from livestock waste.

Methane emissions are increasing and, being a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 by a factor of at least 23, and becoming a critical focus of climate mitigation action.

According to the EPA, the guidebook addresses all aspects of on-farm AD/biogas production, drawing on industry expert experience. It aims to help a wide range of stakeholders – owners, managers, and operators – how to get the most out of their AD/biogas systems.

It answers fundamental questions about system components, process parameters, and O&M (operation and maintenance) procedures in order to help operators maximise profitability by optimizing biogas yield, improving biogas quality, and improving operating uptime, all while minimizing expenses.

Register for the webinar here 

Download the Operator Guidebook here

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