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Spotlight: Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance (APBA)

The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, with South Asia and East Asia & The Pacific generating around 40%. Meanwhile, the Asia Pacific region’s production potential for biogas and biomethane is over 200 Mtoe. And the World Biogas Association estimates biogas can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 12% by 2030 if the global industry reaches its full potential.

So clearly, the Asia Pacific region has an opportunity to grow the local biogas industry: solving waste management issues, developing a biogas market and combatting climate change.

The Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance has a mission to seize that opportunity.

The group has worked tirelessly since 2014 to become of one of the key platforms in the region for knowledge sharing and interaction amongst technologists, industrial experts, governments and academia within the biogas industry. Through the expertise of its members, APBA facilitates the industry to communicate with governments and policymakers in applying effective frameworks and regulations. The group also actively collaborates with other regional biogas alliances around the globe by the exchange of ideas and experiences as guidance for fellow industrial players.

“It is hoped that 2020 will see further connectivity between the industry and government in promoting biogas as a green, sustainable energy source for the region,” wrote Datuk Khairuddin Bin Tan Sri Mohd Hussin, APBA Chairman, on APBA’s website.

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