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Q&A with Narge Sparages & Gerard Bottino, Sales & Commercial experts from Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business


Why does Panametrics target the RNG sector?

Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business, is an energy technology company at the forefront of the Energy Transition. As part of pathway to ‘Net Zero’, reducing methane emissions (one of the most harmful forms of emissions – 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period) is critical.

Measurements in biogas and biomethane are key elements to using these as biofuels. This market is growing at a fast pace, as it tackles environmental challenges and provides renewable energy sources.

Where do Panametrics technologies fit?

Biogas production flow rate at the digester outlet and biomethane flow rate after removal of unwanted gases, mainly carbon dioxide, are monitored using flowmeters that work at low pressure and with various gas mixtures. These flowmeters can also determine the methane content of the gas mixture. Panametrics binary gas analyzers, providing highly accurate and reliable measurements determine the carbon dioxide/methane mix on either side of the separation process.

Meanwhile, Panametrics’ Moisture analyzers are employed when upgrading the methane to combustion and pipeline quality. Oxygen analyzers are installed for safety in the biomethane applications and quality in anaerobic digestor applications.

How does the technology work?

Flowmeters use ultrasonic technology that performs at very low pressure (close to atmospheric), in wet gas conditions and can handle gas mixtures including  attenuative gases like carbon dioxide. When temperature and pressure measurements are added, the meter can calculate the methane content, which is key in determining the calorific value as well as accounting for the potential moisture saturation of the biogas. The binary gas analyzers use thermal conductivity to report the methane content in the separated carbon dioxide and the carbon dioxide content in the methane. Galvanic fuel cell and thermoparamagnetic oxygen analyzers report the oxygen content. Tunable Diode Laser analyzers and aluminum oxide sensors are typically found in these applications for the moisture content measurement, whether in the natural gas or in the carbon dioxide.

What track record does Panametrics have across the RNG sector?

Panametrics has flowmeters operating globally that have proven their reliability and performance. With over 60 years’ experience in analyzer installations, our moisture, oxygen, and binary gas analyzers provide a high level of measurement confidence in these applications.

To learn more about Panametrics technology and view some case studies, click here to download our application eBook or visit us


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