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Q&A: Mayor of Athens and the WBA 1st International Biogas Conference


In lead-up the WBA 1st International Biogas Conference, WBA had the honour of asking the Mayor of Athens about the role of biogas for his city. Here is a preview of what Georgos Kaminis had to say.

“First of all, I would like thank the World Biogas Association for the opportunity to host the International Biogas Conference in Athens, Greece. One of the greatest issues our world faces today is waste management and nature conservation. The sustainability goals set by the United Nations, pave the way for the implementation of policies that will enable states and local governments to create better and healthier living conditions for their citizens and visitors. Waste management spreads to every sector of our everyday lives and constitutes one of the main challenges we are called to face upon. Biogas, undoubtedly, constitutes one of the most prominent solutions for waste management and forms a substantial part of the global energy mix. The biogas industry is booming in Greece, nowadays, and for this purpose we believe that the conference constitutes an excellent opportunity to communicate with leading experts on the valorisation and production of biogas and it provides an effective way to network and create synergies with new business and existing partners. I look forward to welcome you in Athens.”


The full interview will be published in the event programme of the WBA 1st International Biogas Conference on 3-4 May in Athens. 

The City of Athens has set under its auspices the WBA 1st International Biogas Conference. The City of Athens is also  sponsoring the President’s Dinner of the event. You can meet Athens city officials and other decision-makers from around the world at the conference — click here to for more information to and to register.


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