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Member press release – Weber GreenTech invests in innovative biogas technology from Renergon as a pioneer of the energy transition and global sustainability goals

Weber GreenTech AG, owned by the Markdorf-based Weber entrepreneur family, is becoming an operating partner and investor in Renergon International AG, a Swiss biogas technology company and recycling specialist for organic waste and residues. The merger will create a new major player in the construction and operation of organic waste processing plants, as well as in the field of “healthy soils” on the European market. The goal is to establish these innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable circular economy and renewable energy worldwide. Together the two companies are strongly united in the fight against climate change through the probably most underestimated, often unused and never-ending green resource – biomass.

In recent years, our family has started to diversify its business fields and to tap into other industries beyond the automotive sector,” says Christian Weber, Chairman of the Board of Weber GreenTech AG. The family wants to “consistently follow this path“. To do so, the Markdorf-based company wants to “massively invest in alternative fuels and drive systems to shape the future of sustainable mobility and energy.”

The partnership brings together industry leaders with proven technologies and experienced skills who recognize the need for an integrated approach to finding solutions. These solutions will elevate the holistic utilization of energy and recyclables to the next level using the core technology of solid-state fermentation, as well as adjacent technologies,” says Karl-Heinz Restle, CEO and founder of Renergon International AG.

The joint aim is to reach the next level of growth and accelerate the global trend towards a sustainable energy transition. In addition to a stable and established GSA and EU market, especially the international dynamic markets such as India, China, Indonesia, and the USA are driving the growth in demand for innovative problem and recycling solutions based on an enormous growth potential. The first lighthouse projects are in the completion and commissioning phase. Further market development will be managed by country organizations, supported by the Swiss headquarter. The objective is to successfully and efficiently bring the topics of waste treatment, fermentation, biogas processing and utilization, composting and biochar to the world.

Involved parties:

Weber family / Weber GreenTech AG: The Weber family and its companies have been established on the international market as suppliers to the automotive industry since 1969. The traditional metal processing is now being transformed towards new mobility and energy. Under the vision “EMission Zero”, by 2040, amongst others with the new Weber GreenTech AG, only products for emission-free applications will be manufactured in an emission-free environment.

Renergon International AG is an innovative company with future-oriented solutions and technologies based on the anaerobic digestion and biogas production from organic waste and residues. Renergon stands for sustainability, local added value, and closed material cycles, as well as for an environment worth living in through the production of renewable energy and healthy soils by compost, organic fertilizer and biochar.

Media contact:

Gina Weber
+49 7544 963 5898

Marc-Pascal Faulhaber
+41 71 447 58 70

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