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Member press release – Orange shoes help efficiency of biogas plants
HRS Heat Exchangers, Booth 710, Biogas Americas 2023, May 15-18th, 2023

The last twelve months have seen unprecedented activity in global energy markets, and in gas in particular. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has underlined the benefits and opportunities presented by the creation of home-produced, green biogas.

Global economic challenges mean that financing new plants can be difficult, even where governments are supportive. One way to improve economic returns and maximize biogas production is to upgrade existing plants, and in particular maximize efficiency at every stage of the process. HRS produce a range of heat exchangers and complete systems for the biogas sector which recapture energy which would otherwise go to waste, utilizing it for activities including digester heating, digestate treatment, biogas dehumidification or exhaust gas heat recovery – often with much greater efficiency than alternative techniques.

External digester heating using the HRS DTI Series of heat exchangers provides a number of benefits

Events such as Biogas Americas in May provide a perfect opportunity to discuss HRS Heat Exchangers’ wide range of products and systems for AD and biogas, including:

– HRS DTI Series for digester heating
– HRS G Series for exhaust gas heat recovery
– HRS Biogas Dehumidification System (BDS), which removes water from biogas, protecting CHP engines from corrosion and cavitation
– HRS Digestate Pasteurization System (DPS) to produce PAS110 compliant digestate
– HRS Digestate Concentration System (DCS) which uses patented technology to significantly reduce the volume of digestate using much less energy than a dryer or batch evaporation

The HRS Digestate Concentration System (DCS) offers reduces digestate volume and reduces ammonia emissions

So far, so good. But what has this got to do with orange shoes?

Throughout 2022 the HRS Heat Exchangers team attended a number of trade shows around the world, often meeting new and existing clients for the first time since the pandemic. Throughout the year the team wore distinctive orange trainers, making them instantly recognizable not only on the stand, but also when out and about at the shows.

So, if you want to learn more about HRS solutions for biogas, visit Booth 710 at Biogas Americas (May 15-18th, at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk in Chicago, IL), or simply look for the people wearing orange shoes!

Look out for the distinctive orange shoes worn by the HRS team, to learn more about their products for AD


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Located in Atlanta, Georgia, HRS Heat Exchangers is part of the EIL Group (Exchanger Industries Limited) which operates at the forefront of thermal technology. HRS offers innovative heat transfer solutions worldwide across a diverse range of industries. With more than 40 years’ experience in the biogas and anaerobic digestion sector, specializing in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of turnkey systems and components, incorporating our corrugated tubular, and scraped surface heat exchanger technology, HRS products are compliant with global design and industry standards. HRS has a network of offices throughout the world: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Spain, USA, Malaysia, and India; with manufacturing plants in the UK, India, Spain, and Canada.

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