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1969-2019: 50 years of Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH


Wangen in the Allgäu region of Germany, May 2019

Experience and quality for 50 years! Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Founded in September 1969 as a small trade operation, in 2019 Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH is now a globally operating company with its headquarters, development and production site in Wangen in the Allgäu region of Germany. WANGEN pumps and pump components enjoy regional, national and international repute and are used on every continent across the globe.

“We can look back with satisfaction at our growth over the first 50 years. Pumpenfabrik Wangen has continually grown from being a niche provider in the agricultural sector to becoming a global supplier of progressing cavity pumps and twin screw pumps for a wide range of different segments. Our engineering services combined with a desire for quality and serious commitment throughout all departments and by all employees have enabled our growth and form the basis for future success on the global market and in the most diverse market segments,” explains the company’s management.

Company history at a glance:

The first pumps to be built, Types 80 A and B, were based on an ingenious idea, as the agricultural pump was placed under a slurry tank and so needed significantly less space than before. WANGEN PUMPEN got a foot in the international market in the early 70s and built up an excellent reputation, among other things due to its early presence at trade fairs, including IFAT 1972 in Munich, and the bold and innovative ideas of dedicated employees. The company successfully survived crisis times, like the early 1990s, by rethinking and improving existing and long-standing structures. The company’s headquarters in Wangen was extended and a further important step towards internationalisation and becoming a global player was taken with the establishment of WANGEN America Inc. in 2014. With a current workforce of 240, expert and extremely committed sales partners and a broad-based range of pumps for sectors, including agriculture, biogas, sewage treatment and environmental technology, food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the company is looking optimistically towards the future in 2019. The new logo visualises the continued development of the company, making a clear statement about maintaining and extending the high quality standards.

A history we are proud to look back on. We look forward to the next

50 years!


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