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Member press release – Cenergy Solutions utilises ANG tanks like batteries on biogas three-wheeler vehicles in Lamphun, Thailand

Cenergy Solutions is using their adsorbed natural/biogas (ABG) cylinders like batteries in three-wheel vehicles in Thailand. The ANG cylinders are swapped out when they get low on biogas with a full cylinder in less than five minutes.

ANG Biogas Three-wheeler that delivers Biogas with ANG Cylinders

October 26, 2022 – Cenergy Solutions, a US-based company, is utilising their ANG cylinders like batteries, reducing the time it takes to get back on the road with a full cylinder of biogas. The low-pressure ANG cylinders can be filled ahead of time and used to replace empty ANG cylinders in less than five minutes. Cenergy Solutions’ Thailand facility is making great strides to help businesses and communities become energy independent with clean, renewable energy that comes from food and animal waste. Cenergy Solutions’ patented ANG technology is making this possible and ensuring biogas is being used and not vented in countries around the world.

Gary Fanger, CEO of Cenergy Solutions said, “This ANG Fueling System allows biogas to be used in a way that has never been done before. Most farms around the world are allowing the biogas coming from their animals and organic waste to escape into the atmosphere. Cenergy Solutions’ technology helps farmers utilize this wasted energy to replace gasoline, diesel and LPG vehicles and engines. This will help make communities around the world energy independent from expensive fossil fuels.

Cenergy Solutions ANG cleaning, compression, storage, and utilisation system


  • Utilizing ANG technology on new and used three-wheel vehicles will help an untold number of people reduce their transportation costs.
  • Using locally available natural and biogas is critical to families around the world that face high energy cost and energy scarcity.
  • ANG technology reduces the carbon footprint of those that can’t afford upgraded clean vehicles.

Distributors are now being sought to help facilitate the commercialisation of our ANG systems.
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