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Member Press Release – Cenergy Solutions is on Course to Help Capture 27 Billion Tons of Methane Annually that is Now Leaking into the Atmosphere!

Cenergy Solutions is making great strides with their patented adsorbent technology to stop the release of billions of tons of methane going into our atmosphere. Below are the benchmarks Cenergy Solutions has made over the last year to utilize biogas that is now being vented worldwide. Cenergy’s biogas systems replace biomass and fossil fuels for cooking and vehicle operations in several countries.

Gary Fanger, Cenergy CEO and MKC Chairman at signing event

November 7, 2023 – Cenergy Solutions signed an agreement with a Laotian company, MK Chalernsub Construction CO., LTD to collect biogas that is now being vented in Laos and distribute it to local communities for cooking. MK Chalernsub Construction will be Cenergy’s Laotian Distributor to utilize Cenergy’s patent pending cleaning systems and patented Adsorbed Biogas Systems to help communities reduce the usage of fossil and biomass fuels with biogas made in their communities.

Ken Sawdang, Cenergy’s Asia Director with local Burundi Citizens

Cenergy Solutions has opened a biogas collection and filling station in Burundi, Africa. Burundi is considered the poorest country in the world with 80% of their population burning coal to cook with. They now can utilize biogas for a fraction of the cost to replace coal burning using Cenergy Solutions patented ABG systems. Cenergy Solutions biogas also saves time for cooking as customers have stated it takes 50% less time to cook than with coal.

Cenergy Solutions biogas filling station at Thai Dairy

Cenergy Solutions has installed a new Biogas Plant at a Dairy Farm in Lamphun, Thailand. This dairy farm was allowing their waste to release biogas into the atmosphere, now they are utilizing Cenergy’s biogas plant to clean, store and utilize their biogas to make yogurt and distribute biogas to the local community to cook with instead of using LPG.

Brian Amonu, Nigeria Project Leader

A distributor of Cenergy Solutions built a Cenergy Solutions adsorbed natural gas filling station in Nigeria, Africa where 80% of the population cooks with wood. This ANG system can help utilize Nigeria’s vast resource of natural gas to replace the burning of wood, reducing the depletion of their forests and helping to reduce CO2 in our atmosphere.

Some of Cenergy Solutions Thailand staff at their new office

Cenergy Solutions has built a new office in Lamphun, Thailand and has a new manufacturing plant, also in Lamphun, under construction to help assemble and distribute their patented biogas products to the Eastern Hemisphere. The plant will be finished by the end of the month.

Ken Sawdang, Cenergy’s Asia Director demonstrating H2S cleaning system at a 20,000 head pig farm in Thailand

Cenergy Solutions has developed a patent pending biogas cleaning system. The system can be used to inexpensively clean biogas (take out the H2S) so the biogas can be used for cooking, operating generators and vehicles throughout the world. Cenergy Solutions’ Cleaning System regenerates its cleaning medium unlike the currently widely used iron sponge system.


Honda converted to Cenergy’s adsorbed biogas system

Cenergy Solutions has converted new Honda scooters and motorcycles, Tuk Tuks, cars and trucks to run on raw biogas with their ANG systems. Cenergy’s systems allows these vehicles to run on biogas by removing the H2S and sweetening the gas to 72% methane. Cenergy’s biofuel systems allows the vehicles to run as well on biogas as they do on pipeline natural gas with 95% methane.


Thailand biogas filling station for ANG biogas cylinders for cooking and vehicles

Cenergy Solutions has added three new biogas digesters to feed into their biogas filling station in Lamphun, Thailand. Cenergy also ran pipelines to two other biogas digesters in the area that have been venting their biogas for many years. This biogas is now being used to replace LPG at homes and businesses in the community. Gary Fanger, CEO of Cenergy Solutions said, “The demand for biogas from new customers has outpaced our biogas production, this is why we added the biogas digesters and pipelines. We now have 7 biogas digesters feeding our filling station giving it enough biogas to triple the number of our existing clients.

Motorcycle with side cart delivers biogas to homes and businesses

Cenergy Solutions distributes all of their biogas in Thailand with vehicles that run on biogas or CNG. Our side cart motorcycle and three wheeler Tuk Tuk can run on both biogas and gasoline but spend almost all their time running on low pressure ANG tanks that are filled with biogas. We are now converting two Nissan OEM CNG trucks to run on biogas instead of CNG. These trucks will be equiped with ANG cylinders that can be filled at our biogas fueling station or a conventional CNG station.

Cenergy Solutions has converted a new gasoline Toyota Tundra truck to run on raw biogas (less the H2S), flared natural gas or CNG. Our computerized sequential biogas system regulates the amount of methane going into each cylinder so that the truck runs with lower emissions and performs like it is running on gasoline regarless of the type of bio or natural gas it is running on. The truck can be filled at our biogas filling station or a conventional CNG filling station. Any gasoline vehicle can be converted to run on raw biogas with similar results.

Cenergy Solutions is now offering compressors and generators that run on raw biogas (less the H2S). These compressors and generators have been developed to help operate our biogas filling stations that can fill Cenergy’s ANG cylinders used for cooking or vehicle operations.

Thailand kitchen making yogurt with Cenergy’s ABG cylinders

Cenergy Solutions has refined their biogas cooking stoves to maximize cooking time from each Cenergy biogas cylinder. These stoves can increase the cooking time by 30% on each tank giving our clients more time between cylinder refills.

Cenergy Solutions has developed a new 40 bar ANG composite cylinder and valve that can hold up to 60% more biogas then the previous ANG cylinders that held 20 bar of pressure. These new light weight composite cylinders are ISO Certified and have become a favorite of our customers to use for biogas cooking. Our clients love cooking with biogas, it is cleaner, less expensive and safer then cooking with LPG, coal or wood.

Cenergy’s new Composite 40 bar ANG Cylinders

Cenergy Solutions is opening two new communities this month that will fueled by 8 existing pig biogas disgesters. These digesters have been venting their biogas for over 20 years and now Cenergy will clean, compress and distribute their biogas for cooking and vehicle operation. It is estimated that these farms have been venting over 800 cubic meters per day, now that wasted biogas will be able supply over 1,000 homes with biogas to cook with.

Cenergy Solutions has opportunities for green organizations and companies that need carbon credits to participate in helping to expand our biogas systems in countries throughout the world. Respond to or visit our website for more information.
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