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Member Press Release: Agreement signed for production and supply of compressed biogas under SATAT Scheme


NEW DELHI, January 22, 2020 – GAIL GAS Limited and LR Energy signed India’s first Commercial Agreement for Production and Supply of Compressed Bio-Gas under SATAT scheme to promote CBG as an alternative, green transport fuel for structured management of biomass and organic waste. CBG can be produced from biomass and organic waste sources like farm stubble and paddy straw, agricultural residue, cattle dung, sugarcane press mud, distillery spent wash, plant material, green waste or food waste, sewage treatment plant waste, and forest residue.


Signing of Commercial Agreement by Mr. Gurjit Singh Barara (CEO-LR Energy)


The project is an innovative initiative by Mr. Rohit Mann and Mr. Gurjit Singh Barara which will not only promote the efficient use of cleaner natural gas as well as actively propose natural gas
as an alternative option of fuel to coal and diesel, and will also contribute savings towards import of natural gasses. This significant move has the potential to boost availability of more affordable transport fuels, better use of agricultural residue and municipal solid waste, as well as to provide an additional revenue source to farmers.

As LR Energy is India’s leading developer of renewable energy with a proven track record in delivering high performance cost competitive solar photovoltaic plants and compressed biogas production to the market, the company is dedicated towards promoting environmental and social sustainability with clean energy offerings for present and future generations. In today’s world of climbing fossil fuel prices, approaching the peak oil supply limit, and discussions of global warming, LR Energy is addressing environmental problems by strongly acting on climate change issues by obliging with UNFCCC’s PARIS AGREEMENT, CONVENTION AND KYOTO PROTOCOL to improve the quality of life and promote sustainable development by looking for new opportunities across multiple regulatory regimes.

Project when implemented by LR Energy shall envisage a production of 1000 Tons of CBG offering around 4000 Carbon Credits per annum. The key elements of the project is to mitigate harmful greenhouse emissions and optimized access of a cleaner and more sustainable alternative towards affordable transportation.

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