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Global Water Treatment Specialist, Hydrotech Engineering, Joins The IBA

New partnership offers valuable technology in the treatment of wastewater and digestates


Crystal Lake, IL – September 30, 2020 – The IBA adds another market leader to its growing organics waste diversion to biogas platform solution offering.

“We are thrilled to welcome Filippo Briani, Managing Director of Hydrotech Engineering and his engineers and designers to our team,” stated Christopher Maloney, President of the IBA. Our collaboration with Hydrotech adds another critical component to our expanding technology platform solution and one that will allow us to further accelerate biogas opportunities in our growing global pipeline. A market leader and innovator, Hydrotech is an excellent fit with the other 10 companies in the IBA, joining a seasoned group of recognized industry leaders who are passionate about advancing the deployment of renewable natural gas projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and providing profitable RNG projects for developers and investors.”

“Hydrotech Engineering is proud to partner with the IBA stated Hydrotech MD, Briani. This innovative platform solution for the implementation of waste to renewable energy and the generation of organic fertilizers is a unique and compelling model for the global biogas industry, and we are pleased to be able to add our technology and expertise to the platform. We see the IBA as a unique business model, enabling industry leaders to bring together a combined turnkey technology approach that, today more than ever, is fundamental to accelerating the deployment of biogas plant all over the world and to more effectively address the ever-increasing environmental challenges we face with waste management and climate change.”


About Hydrotech:
Hydrotech is one of the world’s leading advanced water treatment companies for the treatment of process and waste streams and in less than 15 years, their customer portfolio boasts numerous Fortune 500 companies. Headquartered in North Eastern Italy’s industrial corridor, Hydrotech has experienced unparalleled growth since it’s start in 2001 with a focus on international markets. Services provided by this accomplished entity include wastewater treatment and recovery, industrial water treatment, various biological processes and much more.

More information about Hydrotech can be found at:

More information about Hydrotech services can be found at:


About the IBA:
The IBA represents one of the largest global partnerships in the biogas industry and offers a unique, fully integrated organic waste to renewable energy platform solution that de-risks biogas projects for investors and builders and provides economic, agronomic and environmental advantages for biogas projects anywhere in the world. The IBA is a non-exclusive confederation of internationally recognized technology and related services companies with a combined tenure of over 275 years in the organics diversion and treatment and/or renewable natural gas industry and have long track records of success, having deployed close to 4000 biogas related systems and projects on 6 continents and in 55 countries.

For additional information on how IBA is tackling one of the planet’s greatest environmental challenges, visit the Integrated Biogas Alliance at

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