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First biomethane plant built in central-southern Italy

Sustainable mobility and advanced biofuel take their first steps from Cosenza

“Calabra Maceri e Servizi SPA”, a leading company in the market of waste treatment, is now starting its challenge on the advanced biofuel market: its biomethane is getting into SNAM’s national pipeline network in order to be used in the automotive sector.

This is a great success as for the company who made a notable investment but also for the plant developer “Biogas Engineering SRL”, a Vicenza based company.

Biogas Engineering developed a R&D project over the past 18 months, mostly granted by the State (our Agency worked on this dossier).
The R&D project allowed Calabra Maceri e Servizi together with Biogas Engineering to build the first Italian plant producing biomethane by using Dry technology – using dry matter at 30% – and thermophilia treatment at 55° C.

The new plant has completely new characteristics and it results to be extremely innovative in terms of technological features.
I.e. one of the innovative solutions was conceived to allow Solid Waste pre-treatment totally free from plastics in the digestate.

The plant is provided with low-maintenance hydraulic pistons technology, horizontal layout of the digester – with zero maintenance and reduced consumption – peculiar gasometers, injection of pure oxygen lowering hydrogen sulphide levels and thermal recovery process.

The incentives granted to the companies are covering a great part of building and research costs and they could also be combined with the Certificates of release for consumption (CICs), as established by the “biomethane decree” (Interministerial Decree, March 2nd 2018) and the GSE Operating Procedure. /

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