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Exploratory notice for expression of interest in connection with the biomethane project of Latte Arborea


Please find here in attached documents: exploratory notice


This is just a reminder and please consider it as a private invitation therefore Latte Arborea will consider also applications that might arrive after May 30, 2020.


If you are interested in Arborea Biomethane Project, and did not express your interest, please fill up the “Form” herein attached and send it by mail to the mail address:


Further information available at:





Thank you for your kind attention



Luigi Maccioni



Luigi Maccioni

Responsabile Affari Legali



Tel 0783 8040220 Mob 340 0669200

Strada 14 est bis

09092 Arborea (OR)




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Prima di stampare, pensa all’ambiente

 Think about the environment before printing




Dear Sirs,

the Cooperative Assignee Associates Arborea s.c.a.p.a. (from now on Latte Arborea) intends to acquire expressions of interest in order to select primary Italian or foreign companies operating in the energy sector who are willing to collaborate with Latte Arborea in the realization of the so-called Biomethane Project as better described in the attached document.

We believe that this Notice may be of interest to your company.

If you are interested in the Biomethane Project, you can receive more information by contacting Latte Arborea via email at the following email address:

Please find here in attached:

  1. Letter with invitation to the Biomethane Project (file: invitation to Biomethane Project Arborea.pdf)
  2. The form to use to express the interest into Biomethane Project (file: Form to express the interest into Arborea Biomethane Project.pdf)
  3. Report with technical and financial data about Arborea Biomethane Project (file:  Arborea Biomethane Project key indicators.pdf

Looking forward to hear from You.
Thank you for your kind attention
Yours Sincerely,

General Manager

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