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7th International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference

Agadir, Morocco
27th-30th November

The Seventh Edition of the International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC’19) aims to provide an international forum to facilitate discussion and knowledge exchange of the state-of-the-art research findings and current and future challenges and opportunities related with all facets and aspects of renewable and sustainable energy. The target public of IRSEC’19 includes all interested people from academia, industry and government, particularly, researchers, policy-makers, engineers, PhD and Masters students and other specialists interested in all issues related to renewable and sustainable energy.

The scope of IRSEC’19 covers a broad range of hot topics including renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency, green energy, sustainable energy systems, and smart grid. This Seventh Edition will focus on appropriate use of solar energy in the desalination technology of sea water, water supply, water treatment, and reuse, including the related sciences and technologies.


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