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Calling the European Commission to include imports of biomethane under the Union Database

WBA along with other 45 companies and associations have written to the European Commission (EC) calling for urgent action to ensure the full recognition of imported biomethane and biomethane-based fuels in the Union Database. The EC has already launched the Union Database for liquid fuels in January 2024 and the one for gaseous fuels will be launched by no later than November 2024.

The joint letter follows the EC signaling the intention to exclude the certification of biomethane and by extension biomethane-based fuels when these rely on transport through extra-EU grids. This decision will hinder imports of biomethane and biomethane-based fuels, such as biomethanol, from third countries. The letter’s signatories call the EU to:

    • Clarify the reasons for and the legal provisions upon which the EC relies for changing the currently applied certification requirements of Voluntary Schemes and exclude certified and mass-balanced volumes produced in third countries.
    • Clarify which requirements third countries and/or the voluntary international schemes setting standards must meet to fully participate in the Union Database and undertake work with these countries’ administrations to deliver the necessary agreements to unlock imports/exports and ensure consistent accounting of relevant volumes in the EU and in the country of origin.
    • Confirm that an interim solution will be implemented ensuring immediate recognition of products meeting the sustainable and GHG reduction requirements applicable to EU production while a long-term solution is being developed.


The letter was shared with:

    • DG ENER C Director: Catharina SIKOW-MAGNY
    • DG ENER B and C Deputy Director General: Mechthild WOERSDOERFER
    • DG ENER Director: General Ditte JUUL- JØRGENSEN
    • EU Commissioner for Energy: Kadri SIMSON


Read the full letter here and contact Giulia Ceccarelli, Head of External Affairs, at if this potential decision of the EC will affect your business. The WBA is building a case on the potential impact to bring to the governments that are negotiating with the EC on this issue, add your voice to the discussion.

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