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Biogas: Opportunities in India

Ministerial Webinar

Co-hosted by WBA and the Indian Biogas Association (IBA)
October 7th, 10:00 – 12:30 BST (UK), 14:30 – 17:00 IST (India)

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Speakers include:

Ministers from both the Indian and UK governments have been invited.

Jeremy Moorhouse, Bioenergy Analyst, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Jeremy Moorhouse is a Bioenergy Analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA). He joined the IEA in November 2020. He is responsible for developing the IEA’s mid-term biofuels and bioenergy forecasts and contributes to bioenergy related work across the Agency. He has 15 years of experience developing program strategies and objectives, analysing energy systems, managing teams and collaborating with industry and governments to develop climate and renewable energy policy. He holds a Masters of Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University.

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, World Biogas Association (WBA)

A practising lawyer for 10 years, Charlotte Morton studied for her MBA at London Business School before setting up a car club business. Asked to establish the business side of ADBA in 2009, she saw the potential of an industry that can deliver huge potential and value to the UK. Given the even bigger global potential, which must be achieved if the Paris Climate Change targets and UN Sustainable Development Goals are to be met, Charlotte played a pivotal role in establishing the World Biogas Association in 2016 to promote and increase the rate of uptake of biogas globally. Charlotte is also on the board of Green Gas Trading Ltd, which runs the Biomethane Certification Scheme.

Dr Atma Ram Shukla, President, Indian Biogas Association (IBA)

Dr Shukla is President of the Indian Biogas Association. During a long career in the Indian Civil Service, he was Adviser (Bioenergy) to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, and responsible for policy, planning and standards development, and the development and implementation of Renewable Energy R&D and technology demonstration projects and dissemination programmes. Dr Shukla is Convenor/ Member of Renewable Energy Committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

This Ministerial Webinar will deliver the latest market insight and outline routes to access this vast development opportunity.

The IEA will report back on its recent India Bioenergy Workshop.

The IBA and national operators will identify gaps in the market where solutions are required.


• India is investing in its national strategy to develop biogas, to manage organic wastes and reduce carbon emissions by 40%.

• The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is backing a programme for 5,000 digesters to be developed by 2024 to produce transport fuel.

• India has issued an open invitation to biogas developers to invest in the country, launching the ‘One Nation, One Gas Grid’ energy initiative.

• Dedicated one-stop shops have been established to support foreign direct investment.

• India has approximately 1,108TWh of biogas potential, according to WBA analysis.

Please note: Departmental secretaries representing Mr Singh and Mr Hands will participate in the Q&A session following a short break, alongside Mr Moorhouse and experts from the Indian biogas sector. 


The webinar will reconvene at 11.30 (BST)/ 18:30 (IST).

11.30 (BST)/ 18:30 (IST): Q&A

12.00 (BST)/19.00 (IST): Case studies (tba)


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