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Agro Innovation International

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Since 1959, the Groupe Roullier’s teams have been meeting the real needs of industry in the sector. A major operator in Animal and Plant Nutrition for 59 years, the Groupe Roullier has always continued to develop its expertise and skillsets. While fertilizers represent over two thirds of turnover, the Group has also compiled a highly diversified business portfolio, including a range of products and services for industry as well as a specialised food production hub.
Each of our subsidiaries are experts in their respective business lines, characterised by solid industrial capital and a strong capacity for innovation.

The Agro innovation international is the research centre of the international Roullier group, we develop innovative solutions for plant, animal and biogas production.

Concerning the biogas production, we develop a range of biogas additive for substrate conservation, digestor, dedicated fertilizer program for energy crop.

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ALPS Environmental UK Ltd

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ALPS Environmental UK Ltd represent Bio-Organic Catalyst (BOC), a patented composition of bio-catalysts and surface modifying agents that form, in water, micro-bubbles that facilitate extraordinary gas transfer characteristics and initiate rapid bio kinetic-reactions, thereby creating optimum conditions for accelerated metabolic and biological conversion rates.

BOC offers substantial improvement in anaerobic digestion, providing higher yields of bio-methane, improved sludge quality, reduction of total solids, and significant reduction of noxious sludge odours.

BOC accelerate the anaerobic digestion processes into more optimized conversion efficiency. Case studies show a much higher yield per pound, or kilo, of organic waste biogas, while clearing the internal accumulations that build up over time.

Bioenergy Association of California

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The Bioenergy Association of California (BAC) was established in 2013 to promote sustainable bioenergy development.  Bioenergy includes renewable electricity, low carbon transportation fuels and pipeline biogas generated from organic waste such as dairy and agricultural waste, food and yard waste, wastewater treatment, organic waste diverted from landfills, and forest biomass .  BAC’s members include private companies, public agencies, local governments, investors, consultants, nonprofits, individuals and others interested in promoting community-scale bioenergy generation.  BAC focuses on policy advocacy, public education and outreach, research, and industry best practices.

Bio Conversion Solutions

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Dr. Rozich has over 35 years in environmental and sustainability consulting, project management, and technology deployment.  He worked in the public sector, academia, consulting, technology, and sustainability. He is experienced in diverse roles as a process engineer, sales and marketing, and technology development and deployment. He has developed new methodologies for designing and operating bioconversion systems with decreased sludge production and increased feedstock conversion rates which deliver more renewable energy and other renewable outputs such as fertilizer.  Rozich has authored almost 100 technical publications and presentations, three books, and several patents. The candidate also has done numerous short courses and is currently giving on-line courses for sustainability which are based on his book. He has the following websites: Technology ExpertiseBook Website, and his LinkedIn page, Dr Al Rozich.

BUTAN PLIN d.d. Croatia

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Butan plin Ltd. is one of the leading distributors of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in tank and cylinders in Croatia. We provide a reliable and cost-plessing energy source for industry and hauseholds.

In Butan plin we take care of our services. Concern for the safety in integrated in all areas of our business. We offer a reliable supply of high quality professional and technical services for our customers.

We earned the trust of many users which gives as the motivation to continue and at the same time is an obligation to be even better in the future.

BUTAN PLIN d.d. Slovenia

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Care free energy solutions.

Butan plin is a reliable supplier of innovative energy solutions, providing cost-efficient energy to businesses and households. It is also the exclusive representative of cutting-edge cogeneration units EC Power, which bring significant savings to large energy consumers.

The company has an extensive experience in the field of energy contracting, as well as offering new services, among which lighting solutions and smart automation systems.

Butan plin is taking its core business of liquefied petroleum gas supply to new energy alternatives. With its unique offering of hybrid solutions that complement the standard heating practice with energy alternatives, be it Heat Pumps, sanitary HP or condensing boilers, the company has fulfilled the promise of a full-service energy offer.

bwe Energiesysteme

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bwe Energiesysteme is a German company with more than 18 years of experience in the design, planning and construction of AD plants with more than 400 plants built in Germany and across Europe.

The AD plants built in the UK have been awarded 3 years as the most efficient, based on its load factor. All of them operate with a minimum load factor of 95% making them more competitive and having a faster return of investment.

bwe works with strong partners around the world in order to implement a complete solution for the organic waste and help our clients to move to a circular economy.

Cenergi SEA

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Cenergi SEA is an international and award-winning carbon reduction company. Cenergi aims to increase green sources of energy and to reduce inefficient energy consumption in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Cenergi develops, owns and operates clean energy projects from renewable energy, energy efficiency to innovative green technology.

Within renewable energy, Cenergi has invested in and currently operates four Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) biogas projects across Malaysia. With a combined generation capacity of 5.5 MW, Cenergi is one of the largest grid-connected biogas players in the region. Cenergi uses a Build-Own-Transfer concession model whereby it provides both capital and technology for its biogas plants, using POME as feedstock. Biogas production is transferred as electricity to the national grid under its Feed-In-Tariff (FiT) programme.

With proven project management, engineering capabilities and decades of in-house industry expertise, Cenergi aims to deliver a positive impact to our partners and communities through long-term sustainable solutions that better the environment for Southeast Asia.

Cenergi SEA

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Cenergi SEA is an international and award-winning carbon reduction company. Cenergi aims to increase green sources of energy and to reduce inefficient energy consumption in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Cenergi develops, owns and operates clean energy projects from renewable energy, energy efficiency to innovative green technology.

Within renewable energy, Cenergi has invested in and currently operates four Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) biogas projects across Malaysia. With a combined generation capacity of 5.5 MW, Cenergi is one of the largest grid-connected biogas players in the region. Cenergi uses a Build-Own-Transfer concession model whereby it provides both capital and technology for its biogas plants, using POME as feedstock. Biogas production is transferred as electricity to the national grid under its Feed-In-Tariff (FiT) programme.

With proven project management, engineering capabilities and decades of in-house industry expertise, Cenergi aims to deliver a positive impact to our partners and communities through long-term sustainable solutions that better the environment for Southeast Asia.

Clarke Energy

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Clarke Energy, a Kohler company, is an multinational specialist in the engineering, installation and maintenance of biogas engine based power plants. Clarke Energy has installed over 1.2GW of biogas-fuelled combined heat and power plants globally. The company’s teams have strong experience of anaerobic digestion technologies and the utilisation of biogas for power generation. Installations include projects in the agricultural, waste, wastewater, dairy and distillery sectors and cover the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas

DLG Service GmbH

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The DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) are an expert organisation and politically independent .

Founded by engineer and author, Max Eyth, in the year 1885, with over 27,000 members they are a leading organisation in the agricultural and food sectors.

With their projects and activities, DLG set standards and provide impulses for progress.

Their aim is to promote innovation in agriculture, agribusiness and the food sector by transferring knowledge, quality and technology.

DLG also develop test methods and set quality standards; test products, promote and communicate quality and quality standards to create market transparency.

DLG’s shows and events provide a platform for innovation and industry dialogue.

DMT Environmental Technology

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When it comes to biogas upgrading, there is no doubt that DMT Environmental Technology should be your choice. Equipped with almost 30 years of experience we serve our customers and help them with their environmental challenges. Our offices are strategically placed offices in North America, Europa and Asia. DMT has developed a vast amount of biogas treatment technologies. For the key biogas contaminants, DMT can offer one or a combination of technologies to economically manage them. DMT can provide the customer with the best solution for that specific project, either based on CAPEX, OPEX or TCO. Our solutions are the very best the market has to offer. We offer a suite of cost effective solutions that are achieved through our team of engineers and highly motivated employees to help you achieve your goals!


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Ecomondo-Key Energy  is a well-established show in Italy and one of the most representative events for the circular economy, green technologies and renewable energies in the Mediterranean area. It takes place in Rimini, Italy, on November 6-9, 2018.

Ecomondo- Key Energy offers an innovative platform with 1250 exhibiting companies attracting over 116,000 attendees. Ecomondo-Key Energy has successfully anticipated business changes over time, from waste processing to dialoguing with industry on the development of an economic model based on green technologiesAll sectors are efficiently represented, from waste to integrated water cycle, to air, bio-based industry and bioenergies. The intended vision is that of the circular economy, which involves the formation of new interconnected industrial clusters as set out in the future investment plans of the European Commission.

A special focus will be dedicated to biogas, anaerobic digestion and biomethane.

The Ministry of Economic Development’s recently published a decree to support the production of biomethane, enabling its insertion into the national systems’ grids. Industries are now encouraged to invest into biomethane technologies for electrical and heat energy production as well as on advanced biofuel.

WBA will have a joint stand with a number of our members at Ecomondo, and we’ll also be holding a dinner for members. For more details please contact WBA Membership Manager Robert Zlokower at rzlokower[@] 

Eisenmann Corporation

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Eisenmann is a German-based technology provider that has been in the US for 40 years.  The company’s environmental technologies encompass anaerobic digestion, digestate treatment, air abatement, recycling and waste water treatment solutions with proven success in a wide range of industries.

Eisenmann’s Solution Platform provides a fully engineered and automated organic waste treatment process specifically designed to address the challenges of organic and livestock waste management.  Solving the key economic, agronomic and environmental challenges facing industry today, it is robust enough for all environments and at a competitive price point compared to traditional practices.

With a staff of more than 3700 and a global reach enabled by its extensive experience in engineering and process technologies, Eisenmann has deployed more than 100 anaerobic digestion systems and 1,000 waste water treatment systems worldwide.

City Of Oslo

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Waste-to-Energy Agency is responsible for operation and development of sorting, biological treatment and waste to energy for the municipal waste of Oslo. We run two optical sorting plants (150.000 tons/year), 1 biomethane plant (cap 50.000 tons food waste / year and 1 WtE plant – capacity 120.000 tons/year. We are also responsible for coordinating all production and market contact for biogas produced from other sources in the city of Oslo, mainly wastewater. The potential from foodwaste and wastewater in Oslo for biogas is approx.. 15 mill nm3/year 99% CH4

EMS Industries Ltd

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EMS designs and manufactures robust, reliable and proven ram pump solutions, used to pump difficult sludge’s and slurries found in the Bio-Gas Industry. Giving greater machine availability and reduced maintenance costs, makes the EMS pump the pump of choice for the Bio-Gas Industry.

The EMS pump has become a critical element in the whole process cycle. Don’t take our word for it look at what our customers say:

“The pumps have improved our output of Bio-Gas by giving reliable feed to the digesters and in turn give a reliable service to our GENeco food waste customers.”

“These pumps have easily paid for themselves more than once in the last three years.”

Tom Phelps – Food Recycling Supervisor.

Epower Corporation

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Epower Corp. is a renewable energy start-up, with focus on Waste to Energy which comes from Mr. Matsubara’s business activities in renewable energy, developing  many small-scale PV plants between 2013 to 2015.

Takuya Matsubara (Mat) is the Representative Director of Epower Corp. with over 30 years of experience in financial services, energy, and investment.

After spending 14 years at Mitsubishi UFJ, and Dresdner Kleinwort in their investment banking units, he joined Enron Corp. to start-up Japan operations. After Enron’s demise, he moved to Cargill Inc. and was responsible for distressed debt investment and structured trade finance. In 2007 he started his own investment activities, mostly in real estate and renewable energy. He was among the first movers when Japan’s PV market emerged after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and was involved in more than 57MW PV projects.

In 2015, the company started looking into biogas, and the consortium of companies including Epower to date have completed three agricultural biogas power plants. Biogas market in Japan is still in its infancy, and there are only 90 plus plants in operation. The small-scale biogas system engineered by the consortium offers cost-effective solutions to average-sized farmers, hence opens completely new biogas opportunities in Japan. In 2017, their first plant was chosen as the ‘Best International small-scale plant’ by World Biogas Association and ADBA, UK

Golen Konstrukcije

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Team Golen d.o.o. invents, designs and builds devices for energy recovery from waste material, particularly in the following areas:  organic fractions of municipal solid waste, animal waste, animal remains, algae.

Golen d.o.o. is an excellent choice for institutions, private and public companies, because it provides support during the planning and execution of turnkey projects.

Successfully tested and proven technological solutions include the use of innovative pre-treatment devices for anaerobic biodigestion with a thermophilic process, for composting solid fractions and treatment of waste water for reuse.

The biogas generated is utilized as an energy carrier in groups of electro-thermal cogeneration endothermic engines, which can be modified for the use of biomethane with upgrade.

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Genia Bioenergy is a company of Genia Global and since the early 2000’s we participate in the development, design, engineering and operation of different kind of facilities such as agro-industrial biogas plants, municipal solid waste treatment plants, sludge valorisation, etc.

So, we have experience in every single phase of the projects:

  • Development of business cases for renewable and waste-to-energy projects
  • Economic viability studies
  • Technical feasibility studies

And also,

  • Permits and legalization
  • EPCM (Engineering, procurement and construction management)
  • Operation & Maintenance


Genia Bioenergy has been part of international project teams in bioenergy and waste treatment projects in Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

Green Methane

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GM has developed a proprietary and proven technology for the upgrading of the Biogas to the Biomethane which core step is the CO2 removal from the Biogas.

GM take advantage from the specific and synergic background of the partners in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial plants.

GM is qualified to offer:
– Biogas to Biomethane upgrading units on “turnkey” basis;

– After-sales services for a safe and reliable management of the operation, production & maintenance of the upgrading units”

H Rylander Management AB

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Founded by Håkan Rylander in 2014, a consultant dealing with waste management, recycling, biological treatment of foodwaste, biogas as a fuel, waste-to-energy, marine littering, technical tours and promoting networking within waste manage-ment.

Håkan Rylander has a Master of Civil Engineering, graduated 1972 from The Tech-nical University of Lund. He has been managing director of the Swedish Association of Waste Management/Avfall Sverige 1976-1993, managing director of the Gothen-burg Region Waste Management Company/GRAAB 1993-1996, CEO of the Sysav Group 1996-2014, President of ISWA 1996-1998, Chairman of ISWA Working Group Energy Recovery 2000-2010, Deputy President CEWEP 2002-2014, Treasurer of ISWA Board 2012-2016, since his retirement from Sysav in 2014 member of the board of Sysav Development AB.

Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan GmbH

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Gas Upgrading und Carbon Capture
Hitachi Zosen Inova BioMethan offers innovative, comprehensive solutions for the upgrading of biogenic gases such as biogas, landfill or sewage gas, as well as flue gases.
We develop and manufacture:
• Gas upgrading plants that treat and refine raw biogas to deliver biomethane of a quality equivalent to natural gas
• Facilities for feeding biomethane into the existing natural gas infrastructure
• Carbon capture plants for separating CO2 out of flue gas for use as product gas or in liquid form for use as a fertilizer in glasshouses
• Optional modules for the production of vehicle fuels, the use of CO2, and the gas grid injection built in compact container form
With our pressureless amine scrubbing – a heat-led gas upgrading process – as well as our pressure-controlled technology using membrane-based gas permeation we have the right technology to suit any client requirement.
This enables us to choose the process best suited in terms of the de sired performance, the operator, and the requirements of the market. Both of these upgrading processes excel by high technical availability and ensure minimal methane slip while delivering a high degree of purity.
Stand-alone components for gas conditioning, compression, drying, volumetric measurement, quality control, and odorisation as well as gas transport units complete our product portfolio.


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IES ENERGY GROUP born of the decade experience of IES BIOGAS and starting from the idea that the world’s change cannot be stopped, but only analysed and transformed into new opportunities. Thanks to our dynamism, we enlarge our field of business and technical know-how, expanding or international presence.

IES ENERGY GROUP provides solutions that increase efficiency and optimise energy production from renewable sources. Designing and developing “turnkey”solutions for various sectors and market areas are a daily part of our work. Inside IES ENERGY GROUP there are many divisions including:

IES BIOGAS, since 2008, has built more than 200 “turnkey” biogas plants. This division is specialized in design, construction, management and service of biogas / bio methane plants for the farm sector and food processing industries. IES philosophy is clear: 100% quality on materials, components and finishing. No compromises. The biogas plant is a crucial investment for your farm or agroindustry to overlook details which really prove to be of fundamental importance.

IES WASTE is the division focused on the management and exploitation of the entire waste cycle, starting from the selection and separation stages, to the various treatments and recycling of the main components (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, glass), up to the production of energy from the organic fraction (anaerobic digestion) and secondary solid fuel and, finally, the production of compost. In this sector IES ENERGY GROUP have an important – PATENTEDtechnology – is the “HORIZONTAL DIGESTER” Semi-Dry Fermentation Plug Flow Technology.

The National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)

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The National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) is a decentralized state agency with operational and financial autarchy, under the Ministry of Agroindustry in Argentina. Its efforts are oriented to innovation as a motor of development and integrates capacities to foster interinstitutional cooperation, generate knowledge and technologies and put them at the service of the sector through its extension, information and communication systems.
The institution has a presence in the five ecoregions of Argentina (Northwest, Northeast, Cuyo, Pampeana and Patagonia), through a structure that includes: a central headquarters, 15 regional centers , 52 experimental stations, 6 research centers and 22 institutes Of research , and more than 350 Extension Units. The result of INTA’s work allows the country to achieve greater potential and opportunities to access regional and international markets with products and services with high added value.

KAFSIS Bio-Industries S.A.

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KAFSIS S.A. was founded in 2007, its mission is to provide state of the art waste management services and waste – derived products from the commercial and industrial, private and public sector, by utilizing vertically integrated technological solutions and infrastructure. At KAFSIS, waste management doesn’t simply mean picking up your waste and treating it. We believe in creating alternative green energy sources, transforming your processes according to sustainable practices, promoting anti-pollution services and educating our clients about environmental and legal issues. KAFSIS’ head office is located in Attica Greece, but we are constantly opening new service points across the country. Presently, considering the great demand for exceptional waste management services such as ours, KAFSIS has many more areas of operations expected to begin within the next few years across Europe. Our rapid expansion amidst the present economic uncertainty proves that the company is well positioned to grow while the economy recovers. Demand for efficient, smart and sustainable waste management solutions is at an all – time – high, and KAFSIS is more than ready to respond.

Lahore Waste Management Company

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Change is the most cherished desire of customers. Citizens want governments to change the style of delivering services and make them more ‘customer focused’. If anyone wants to assess the achievements of LWMC for improving waste management services since its inception, the only relevant comment would be “they have ushered in the process of change, and the pendulum of waste management service has swung in favour of citizens”. Some change is already visible to acute observers and the rest will be seen and felt by everyone with passage of time. We aim to bring in a change where government performs its duties to collect waste and garbage from every doorstep of populace, and the citizens respond by demonstrating a positive attitude of avoiding litter on streets and disposing waste as responsible citizens only in prescribed manner.

Transformation of Lahore as one of the cleanest cities in the world by providing customized solutions in the consultation with citizens and private partners to ensure sustainable, safe, clean and green environment.

LWMC’s Role in fighting Dengue

During Punjab Government’s campaign against Dengue, LWMC has played a crucial role in curtailing this epidemic, by maintaining exemplary cleanliness in the city, vacating open plots of all kinds of waste. LWMC managed to clear 1,20,000 tons of waste from more than 2200 open plots in Lahore in 2011.

Waste to Energy (WtE)

In the light of existing energy needs Government of Punjab is vigorously exploring all traditional and non-traditional energy generation option. Waste to Energy is now considered as reliable and renewable form of energy that has become the basis for many of the most successful Solid Waste Management Systems in Europe and USA.

Landia: chopper pumps and mixing solutions

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Landia supplies Pumping and Mixing Solutions to the Biogas and AD industry – an industry Landia has been a part of for more than 30 years.

Today, Landia has subsidiaries in Denmark, the UK, Germany, Norway, the US and China and own representation in South East Asia. In addition, Landia products are sold in 40 countries worldwide.

Landia is the developer of the innovative AD mixing system Landia GasMix that can be found in operation in Biogas and AD facilities throughout the world.

Read about Landia on

LAI Srl.

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LAI is a company that has been operating in renewables and cogeneration for over a decade.

Our services are focused on the construction of cogeneration (Combined Heat & Power) and trigeneration (Combined Cooling, Heat & Power) plants, but also to the development of innovative solutions suitable to solve any plant problems.

That has allowed LAI, over the years, to offer an always increasing range of solutions especially a full  gas engines support service, that cover our customers starting from the construction stage and during the whole maintenance. Thanks to this service we can propose for the acquisition of maintenance contracts on gas groups.

The synergy between the two departments, construction and service, allows us to provide complete solutions and great advantages to our end users

Liquigas S.p.A.

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Liquigas is an Italian Company, leader in the LPG and LNG distribution market. It is a joint venture between two major corporate reality: Brixia Group and Dutch Company SHV. Liquigas offers a wide range of energy solutions for both domestic and industrial & commercial use, with the commitment to always act in a sustainable way and aiming at three fundamental objectives: Distribute clean energy, with low environmental impact, such as LPG and LNG Ensure a presence throughout the country, that can be an important support for the local communities, and a fundamental contribution to their development and well-being.

Luleå Kommun

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In Luleå, biogas is produced by sewage treatment. Every year about 1 million Nm3 of biogas is produced. The gas is used for electricity, heating and upgrading to vehicle gas.

The biogas is purified to vehicle gas through membrane technology. Luleå municipality’s goal is that all municipal vehicles should be fossil independent 2030. The biogas plant is one of the northernmost biogas plant in the world.

Malaby Biogas

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Bore Hill Farm Biodigester is Phase 1 of a 3 phase multi-use site which is acting as a model scheme for sustainable development and innovation. It combines commercial employment units (Phase 2A), integrated R&D and Training centre (Phase 2B) and residential housing development (Phase 3).
Bore Hill Farm Biodigester is at the vanguard of sustainability best practice being the first commercial biogas plant in Wiltshire and the only plant in the UK to be designed for close integration with other mixed-use land development.

The AD plant has been operational for over six years and is currently operating at twice its designed output with 65% increase in inputs using the same process space. Innovation, deliverability and excellence are core philosophies and a strong ethos of collaboration is evident in all operations. Creating and delivering a new paradigm in development, waste management and energy generation and use is the main driver behind the company’s work and Bore Hill Farm Biodigester is evidence of this.

Malaby Biogas ran a long-term local food waste collection trial called Direct to AD. This innovative service was established to demonstrate the advantages of local food waste collection and processing in reducing contamination levels. It encouraged local businesses to manage their waste more efficiently and dispose of it responsibly. During the trial a study was carried out on the use of paper bag liners as an alternative to plastics used in commercial operations across the UK.

Malaby Biogas has won national awards for innovation in AD and is an active member of ADBA, REA, CIWM, AEA Task 37 and ADNet.

Newcastle University

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Newcastle University has over 60 years of experience in anaerobic digestion: pioneering the use of gas chromatography in AD in the 1950s. We still have vibrant programme of research including low temperature treatment of anaerobic of domestic wastewaters, pilot scale microbial fuel cells, algal biomass, the fate of micro-pollutants and antibiotic resistance genes and novel reactor formats, modelling and simulation. We have large (>1 m3) scale pilot facilities for domestic wastewater and farm wastes as well as a conventional (~1 litre) bench scale reactors. Newcastle University researchers conduct research work in the tropics, temperate climates and the Himalayas and are particularly adept at using molecular tools to monitor and characterise these systems.

OMEX Environmental Ltd

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OMEX Environmental Ltd are based in the UK and operate worldwide, providing biological and nutrient additives for the energy, water and transport sectors.

OMEX offer a complete nutritional package of essential supplements including bioavailable liquid trace element solutions, enzymes, micronutrient blends to boost the availability of essential trace elements and a range of iron powders all used in the anaerobic process to help improve the bacterial performance in the digestate and increase the methane content of biogas production. This helps commercial operators to run their plants at optimum levels, maximising their revenue streams and return on investment through increased profits.

The OMEX support service includes a nutrient profiling service in their fully-equipped laboratory with analysis of plant influent, effluent and biomass, through which a nutrient solution will be recommended. Dependent on the individual requirements of the plant and operations, a tailor-made micronutrient solution can be produced. This support service also includes onsite visits, consistent and effective aftercare.

As well as specialising in trace element additives, OMEX Environmental Ltd also manufacture and supply a complete range of wastewater treatment solutions for anaerobic and aerobic systems as well as de-icers and concrete ad-mixtures.

University of Oxford- Department of Engineering Science

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Mike Mason, Chairman of Tropical Power and Oxford Martin Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Mike Mason is an engineer who founded ClimateCare, the world’s first carbon trading business.  He is currently involved as an investor and director in a range of new technology companies working to solve climate change.

Mike is now leading research at the University of Oxford focusing on making bio-energy both commercially affordable and a positive force in food production rather than a competitor.  His aim is to move the bioenergy debate from ‘fuel or food’ to ‘fuel and more food’.

Mike is using ruminants to provide models of cellulolysis to understand why they are so much more effective than anaerobic digesters.  He hopes to use the information learned to revolutionise Anaerobic Digestion.


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SAVECO D.O.O included within the structure of ISPET GROUP which make investments in various fields of “Waste Management” business in Montenegro.
ISPET GROUP originally started the activities on Waste Management business on a solvent recovery plant built in year 1983. It is the oldest plant in chemical and oily waste recycling business in Turkey. Group purchased the original firm in year 2003 November and renamed as ISPET PETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY AND TRADING INCORPORATION.
First they operated the company as oily and solvent recovery plant for 2 years but then they decided to continue their facility only on chemical / solvent recovery business under the licence granted by Ministry of Urban Planning and Environment of Turkey.
The main goal was to save recycable hazardous waste by applying recycling process and regain as per EU’s circular economy model and protect our natural resources. The group is member of Imternational Solid Waste Association (ISWA- and founder of Turkish Recycling Industry Association (TRIA) – GEKSANDER Now the group is intending to bring their knowledge and experience on waste management busines into Montenegro through SAVECO and use it as key element in developing and operating modern system on the waste management business.
SAVECO is ambitous and dedicated in spending their full effort for contributing to Montenegro’s beaitifull nature and protect it as well as making Montenegro member of European Union by 2021 as projected by Goverment of Montenegro.


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Strong partner for biogas plants and digestion.
As a specialist in the design, manufacture and assembly of high-quality stainless steel products such as tanks, pumps, agitators and separators we are the competent partner for the biogas industry. Our broad range of products is successfully used in agriculture and industry all over the world. More than 40 years of experience show that our products are reliable. With our products we optimize gas yields and reduce costs. Strong components are required.

Stallkamp Separator – A high level of performance even at a high level of dry matter

Stallkamp Agitator – The fluid flow accelerator

Stallkamp Pump – Our Power Packs

Stallkamp Stainless Steel Tank – Quality. Persistence. Safety.


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Star Chick Barbados Ltd was founded in 1996 through a revelation from God, to transform a backyard setup into the second largest poultry producer in Barbados. Star Chick has expanded its operation from being solely an egg production company to broiler production. The company has undergone considerable expansion over the past several years and has more growth envisioned for the future. In keeping with our vision, the company embarked in a new venture, a biogas plant to recover energy cost from poultry manure

Thyson Technology

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Thyson Technology is a specialist analytical instrumentation engineering business providing complex analyser systems, project management, contracting and manpower services for process industries.

Covering the energy, utilities, oil and gas, petrochemical, steel, and pharmaceutical sectors, Thyson is an experienced, independent company with a network of global partnerships. We specialise in integrated process analytical systems, ranging from single sample conditioning systems to complete analyser houses, delivering bespoke solutions for offshore platforms, chemical plants, oil and gas transportation and refinery facilities, steelworks and other industries requiring analyser system integration.

This is supported by a broad range of industrial engineering and customer-service capabilities including design and installation of electrical and mechanical systems, delivery of civil engineering works, technical consultancy, resource recruitment and spares and consumables provision.


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The company TRATOLIXO – Solid Waste Mana­gement, has been in business since 1989 and is responsible for integrated management of Muni­cipal Solid Waste (MSW) produced in the system of AMTRES (Municipal Association of Cascais, Mafra, Sintra and Oeiras), which holds the entire share capital of the company. Covering a geographical area of 753 km2, it pro­vides service to a population of 840.000 inhabi­tants, which represents approximately 8% of the national population and it’s one of largest MSWM in Portugal. This population has one of the highest purchasing capacity in the country as measured by GDP per capita.  TRATOLIXO is responsible for the treatment, dis­posal, recovery and recycling of municipal solid waste (MSW), taking into account the principles of sustainability and implementation of legislation and national and international recommendations ruling the waste sector.  With over 25 years of experience, the company has learned to value more and better the waste recei­ved from their municipalities, offering dedicated and specialized infrastructures to the treatment of MSW.

The company has several infrastructures for was­te management: Trajouce’s Ecopark, Abrunheira’s Ecopark and Ericeira’s Ecocenter.

TRATOLIXO is certified according to NP EN ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System – and OHSAS 18001/NP 4397:2008 – Occupational Heal­th and Safety Management System at Work – and since 2013, in Abrunheira´s Anaerobic Digestion Plant (ADP) is also certified according to NP EN ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management System.

Uniflare Group

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Uniflare Group are the Leading manufacturer of Biogas Process Equipment. We are an independent company located in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. Uniflare equipment is operating in over 10 countries worldwide including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Greece, Turkey and Spain. Our aim is to continue with sustainable growth, building long term relationships with our customers, supplying class leading products and maintenance. Through innovation and continual improvement and through working closely with Industry and regulatory bodies our equipment offers Best Available Technology. We apply our experience and knowledge into our equipment and controls removing interface issues and improving process efficiency.  All manufacturing is completed in-house including a dedicated panel and control facility. One of our major strengths is applied at the design. Using our experience and knowledge we work closely with our clients to offer the best and most efficient bespoke process. Our 3D in house design department uses the latest’s technology, allowing the client to walkthrough their process as we grow their project.

Vinh Nam

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Established in 1997 and 100% independent, VAM (Vinh Nam) is providing solutions for oil & gas offshore production facilities (FPSO, processing platform).

With its integrated engineering and fabrication team, VAM designs and builds a vast range of processing equipment as per project specifications.

VAM’s integrated office and fabrication workshop are in Ho Chi Minh city (HCMC), Vietnam, at 20 min from international airport.

Since 2016, VAM became a packager of EVONIK membranes used for upgrading biogas to biomethane (%CH4 > 97%).

Our containerized unit allows a fast delivery and site commissioning.

A biogas upgrading demonstration plant can be seen at our workshop in HCMC.

Our unit design is certified by third-party inspection companies like DNV-GL, Lloyds Register, ABS.

Components are sourced from renowned western manufacturers.

Our development strategy is based on partnership with local companies serving their market.

To serve regional and international markets, our units are usually sold through TECMACH Supplies Pte. Ltd in Singapore.


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All sectors are facing the challenges of sustainable development.

3EI accompanies you in the treatment and enhancement of your methanisable biomass deposits such as wastewater and surplus:

crop residues;
stable water;
Industrial sectors:

waste products;
expired / breakdown;
fruit and vegetable waste;
milk – fats and oils;
dairy serum;
vegetable biomass;
excess of canteens / catering;
green waste;
cut grass;
fermentable fraction of household waste;
market waste;

BioBang srl

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BioBANG is an innovative, effective and efficient cavitator that transfers 100% of the energy, cavitates, breaks up and permanently liquefies all types of biomass, even low-cost types, resulting in its immediate digestion in biogas and biomethane systems. BioBANG is the future standard to the biomass treatment and pretreatment for any plant.
BioBANG is Patent Pending – Three Es Srl.

Biogen Technologies

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Biogen produces bio-methane and Bio-CNG for transport fuel in Barbados.

Biological Care srl

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One of the peculiar factors of Biological Care is the ability to guide and assist every Biogas plant owner to maximise his biodigestor operation. We select and buy BIOMASSES with the view to create a wide range of high-energy performance mixes. Moreover, we carry out analysis on BYPRODUCTS, in order to measure their energetic factor. In this regard, Biological Care has developed METHAN TUBE®, a special technology that helps producers to monitor their biodigestor operation. Biological Care provides PRODUCTS and customized energy mixes, carries out FEASIBILITY STUDIES, designs and builds biogas plants and assists the client after the sale.

BTS Biogas

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BTS Biogas is the largest provider of biogas plants in Italy and is a pioneer in this sector. The core expertise of the company is in planning, production, and constructing the plants. A qualified team of biologists, technicians and other specialists offers service, consultation and biological support for biogas power plants from 25kW to 1.5MW+ modules.

Česká biometanová asociace, z.s.

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DavidsonKempner European Partners, LLP, UK

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Established over 30 years ago we are the world’s largest biogas upgrader and the market leader in water-wash upgrading technology.

Inspired by a commitment to helping waste producers improve their green credentials whist also improving their profitability, we are today the only biogas upgrading company to offer the three main biogas upgrading technologies, providing the widest possible range and most cost effective solutions from the smallest of farm based systems of 100 Nm3/hr to the largest industrial scale applications.


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Montello S.p.A. is located in an industrial area of approximately 450,000 square meters, of which 120,000 are covered.
Up until the end of 1995 it was a steel industry for the production of reinforcing steel bars.
In 1996, after repeated crises in the national steel industry, the decision was to close the steel industry company (Brown Economy), converting the plant into recovery and recycling of packaging waste in post-consumer plastic and organic waste from separate waste collection (Green Economy) which, at that time, began to become popular in Lombardy.
And that is how the concept of waste/resource towards a Circular Economy begins.
With this production reconversion, today the company Montello S.p.A. employs 650 people (compared to the 320 who were employed at the time of the closure of the steel industry company).
At the moment, the factory in Montello (BG) recycles 200,000 tons a year of post-consumer plastic packaging from which new products are obtained, and 600,000 tons a year of OFMSW Organic Fraction deriving from the separate collection from which biogas is obtained, used to produce both electric and thermal energy and biomethane, at the same time recovering CO2 carbon dioxide for industrial technical use and producing a high quality organic fertilizer.
The company has obtained, over the years, ISO 9001,
ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 50001 certifications. From the month of October 2017 the company has also obtained certification in sustainability of biomethane produced for automotive use.
Montello S.p.A. is an example of excellence, both nationally and internationally, for an integrated system and applied advanced technology.

PRF, Gás, Tecnologia e Construção

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Operating in the market over more than 20 years, PRF works in a partnership manner with its clients, building a strong, long lasting and beneficial bond for both parties.

The accuracy and certainty levels are a company’s core goals, which always seeks the services excellence, as far as the Engineering, Construction and Maintenance for all the fuel gases domains. The company has a high level graduated and competent technical team, properly supported by all the required technological means.

The acknowledge success achieved by the company relies on five pillars, that sustain PRF growth, the Accuracy, the Costs Savings, the Employees Training, the Technological Change Follow and the Environmental Responsibility. The continuous search for new solutions, new products and new technologies available in the market, allowed the company to remain at the cutting edge of the technology and knowhow regarding fuel gases, presenting nowadays a unique range of value-added products and services.

Southern African Biogas Industries Association (SABIA)

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SABIA intends to promote the needs of industry stakeholders, paving the way to a fruitful and prosperous Biogas industry in Southern Africa, benefiting the geographic region economically as well as contributing to sustainability.

Statybos procesorius JSC

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