World Biogas Association: supporting the growth of the global biogas industry

Whilst first used by the Assyrians to heat bath water in 900BC, the exceptional potential of this simple yet highly sophisticated natural technology is only just starting to get the recognition it deserves, three thousand years on.

In today’s world, where job creation, economic growth, energy generation and food production must all be achieved at the same time as drastically cutting climate change emissions, few technologies have the ability to make such a huge contribution to all these areas worldwide.

Our goal is to demonstrate to all – and in particular the governments and municipalities developing the policies to meet their country’s energy needs, Climate Change commitments and UN Sustainable Development Goals – that they need to put biogas at the heart of those plans.

President's Message

I am excited to lead the World Biogas Association. There is an urgent need to facilitate... Read More...

Our News

Jul 2017
Accucomm June Newsletter
By WBA | Jul 12 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
AcuComm reported on 15 new anaerobic digestion/biogas projects in June 2017. These have a combined value of US$231.7 million. Estimated feedstock tonnage is 1,647,410 tonnes, and power output is 43 MW, equal to an annual average of 109,827 tonnes and 3 MW per project. Organic (general/unspecified)... Read More
Jun 2017
Acuccom Newsletter May 2017
By WBA | Jun 09 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
AcuComm reported on ten new anaerobic digestion/biogas projects in May 2017. These have a combined value of US$235.6 million. Estimated feedstock tonnage is 750,024 tonnes, and power output is 23 MW, equal to an annual average of 75,002 tonnes and 2 MW per project. Sewage/wastewater was the leadin... Read More
May 2017
What biogas can do for the world: Mineral and Waste Planning
By WBA | May 03 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
Organic waste is produced everywhere, creating greenhouse gases. David Newman and Sarika Jain outline the opportunities to use biogas technologies to help people while cleaning up the planet and creating business value. Read More
May 2017
AD/Biogas New Investment Update April 2017
By WBA | May 03 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
AcuComm reported on seven new anaerobic digestion/biogas projects in April 2017. These have a combined value of US$118.2 million. Estimated feedstock tonnage is 1,011,231 tonnes, and power output is 17 MW, equal to an annual average of 144,462 tonnes and 2 MW per project. Organic (general/unspecif... Read More
Apr 2017
World Bank adviser to speak at global biogas show
By WBA | Apr 22 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
World Bank adviser on agricultural risks and markets Marc Sadler will give a keynote address at UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo 2017, the #1 global tradeshow for biogas, at the NEC in Birmingham on 5 July 2017.Mr Sadler, who regularly advises governments and supply-chain stakeholders on... Read More
Apr 2017
ACUCCOM Newsletter
By WBA | Apr 05 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
ACUCCOM has joined forces with WBA to publish a monthly report on the investments announced in the biogas industry worldwide.  The reports look at feedstock type, geographic distribution and value of the announced inve... Read More
Mar 2017
European grant for enzymes to boost biogas production
By WBA | Mar 30 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
DuPont Industrial Biosciences has been awarded a grant from the European Commission to demonstrate high-efficiency enzyme production to increase biogas yields as part of the DEMETER project. The funding comes from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 R... Read More
Mar 2017
Bio-hydrogen plant opens in Japan
By WBA | Mar 25 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
On 24 January, an inaugural ceremony was held at the Shikaoi Hydrogen Farm, a hydrogen production facility in Hokkaido, Japan. The plant will anaerobically digest agricultural waste and manure from nearby livestock farms to create a supply of raw biogas. This biogas is upgraded to a purified supply ... Read More
Mar 2017
AD has key role in circular economy
By WBA | Mar 24 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
On 26 January 2017 the European Commission laid out its vision for turning waste into energy as part of its wider overview of the state of play of the Circular Economy Action Plan. A report by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) on the exploitation of waste to-energy techniques found that the efficiency... Read More
Mar 2017
Cape Town to get clean energy plant
By WBA | Mar 20 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
Final construction has begun on a new waste-to-energy plant at Athlone, Cape Town in South Africa. Once complete the plant, which is being constructed by Clean Energy Africa’s New Horizons business, will handle over 500 tonnes of municipal waste each year. The plant will produce bio-CO2... Read More
Mar 2017
Anaerobic digestion – a global problem-solver
By WBA | Mar 18 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
Anaerobic digestion – a global problem-solver One of the main selling points of anaerobic digestion (AD) is its versatility. Unlike many other renewable technologies, it doesn’t just generate energy – it’s also helping to treat a variety of issues right around the world… ... Read More
Mar 2017
USDA report says grow energy crops in most favourable areas
By WBA | Mar 02 2017 | Categories: NEWS - 'Our' News
The United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service has published a new report on the effect that dedicated energy crops have on competition for agricultural land. Although the report primarily focuses on crops grown as feedstock for biomass and liquid biofuel production, it sh... Read More

World News

Here's How UNESCO World Heritage Site Mahabalipuram Became Completely Litter-Free
A town in Tamil Nadu with a population of about 20,000 people has become environmentally sustainable...
Jul 02 2017 | Read More
Evaluating the potential of biogas as HGV fuel
New research shows that biomethane generated from food and drinks process residues has growing poten...
Jul 06 2017 | Read More
Waste collection trucks use biogas in Mirandela
The Biogasmove project, which is being implemented in the Portuguese city of Mirandela, represents a...
Jul 07 2017 | Read More
ReFood’s Dagenham AD Plant Is Open For Business
A new state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion (AD) facility was officially opened in Dagenham on Friday...
Jul 07 2017 | Read More
Kazakhstan to attract world’s biggest companies to renewable energy system development
Kazakhstan, an energy-rich Central Asian nation which strives to increase its energy generation from...
Jul 13 2017 | Read More
SUEZ Roles Out Online Organic Waste Marketplace in France
French environmental services firm SUEZ has launched Organix®, the ‘first digital marketplace for...
Jun 28 2017 | Read More
American Biogas Council teams up with Water Environment Federation
American Biogas Council and Water Environment Federation have teamed up to promote resource recovery...
Jun 21 2017 | Read More
Fixed specification foodwaste feedstock for biogas plants launched
Amur, a subsidiary of AB Agri - an Associated British Foods business - is launching an anaerobic d...
Jun 24 2017 | Read More
South American Egg Producer Invests in German Energy Plant Technology
South American Egg Producer Invests in German Energy Plant Technology ...
May 03 2017 | Read More
Utilising biogas in sugarcane transport and milling
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency is funding a study to digest sugarcane residues to produce bi...
Apr 25 2017 | Read More
3 die in biogas plant sump
India: The importance of health and safety practices cannot be emphasized enough in the growing indu...
Mar 24 2017 | Read More
Japan’s farmers turn to biogas tech to turn waste into watts, profits
Some Japanese farmers have begun looking to biogas techn...
Apr 17 2017 | Read More
Quantum Biopower turning massive amounts of food waste into energy in Connecticut
SOUTHINGTON >> U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., started his political career here, and he retu...
Apr 16 2017 | Read More
Biogas to be yielded from human waste collected from Everest Base Camp
Apr 13, 2017-Biogas is to be produced from human fecal matter collected from the Mount Everest B...
Apr 13 2017 | Read More
Dairy Farmers of America, Vanguard Renewables announce alliance
Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national farmer-owned dairy cooperative, and Vanguard Renewables, ...
Apr 13 2017 | Read More
Erna Solberg opens biogas plant in Beijing
On Friday, Prime Minister Erna Solberg threw open the inauguration of the Norwegian company, Cambis,...
Apr 07 2017 | Read More
Dilemma of energy used for cooking in Indonesia

Indonesia still relies on imports to cope with a shortage of liquefied pe...

Apr 06 2017 | Read More
Carrefour joined forces with Air Liquide to open the first of its biomethane stations in France
Carrefour, the French multinational retailer headquartered in Boulogne Billancourt, has kicked off r...
Apr 22 2017 | Read More
First-of-its-kind Sustainable Landfill in Texas Becomes a Global Model
The City of Denton Landfill (Texas, USA) reportedly is the first in the world to implement “closed...
Apr 19 2017 | Read More
This is why we need renewable energy and biogas
Eight of the world’s largest oil companies are responsible for as much of the climate-damaging pol...
Mar 21 2017 | Read More
Bringing fresh air into biogas
The authors explore the question "why, given the EU 2020 renewable energy Mar 21 2017 | Read More
Goraj ashram experiments with green technologies to become self-sufficient
VADODARA/GORAJ: Started in 1978 as a primary school by Anuben Thakkar, who aspired to become a nun b...
Apr 10 2017 | Read More
UN Wastewater – The Untapped Resource
A comprehensive report on global waste water management. It is estimated that well over 80 per cent...
Mar 21 2017 | Read More
Potential of Africa WBA Article
David Newman and Sarika Jain of WBA write about the potential in Africa of biogas towards energy ind...
Mar 21 2017 | Read More
Gas Vision 2050 by Australia
Australia has launched a national strategy to strengthen the role it plays in the diverse energy mix...
Mar 21 2017 | Read More
Ethiopia Tragedy
At least 65 people were killed in a giant landslide at Ethiopia’s largest rubbish dump this weeken...
Mar 13 2017 | Read More
Biogas Strategy
The EU should have a long-term policy to maximize the potential of biogas in helping the bloc meet i...
Apr 25 2017 | Read More


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