Presidents Message

I am delighted to lead the World Biogas Association as its first President. Few other technologies can contribute so much towards global sustainability.

As biogas production has become technologically more sophisticated and able to treat varied feedstocks, anaerobic digestion is increasingly being seen as a viable investment opportunity and a solution to environmental, societal and economic questions faced by almost every region and nation.

We live in times where there is immediate need for international action and the WBA provides a voice for the biogas industry globally as it participates in this agenda.
Action is needed to improve the energy mix and enhance energy independence; to reduce and treat the massive flows of wastes that are polluting our environment; to bring nutrients and carbon content to soil to help farmers towards sustainable farming and in their fight against desertification; and to contribute to climate change mitigation and the achievement of the UN sustainable development goals.

Membership of the World Biogas Association will make you part of the biggest global community demonstrating and delivering the value we contribute across all sectors – reducing and recycling food waste, recycling sewage and waste water, returning carbon to the farm, reducing emissions and keeping farmers farming, delivering flexible, storable baseload green gas, fuelling HGVs, buses, tractors and other vehicles, restoring our depleted soils, providing energy and biofertiliser to communities and villages in developing countries – and ensure that your organisation’s voice is heard as the Association works to help you prepare and contribute to the 21st century sustainability revolution.

I hope you will join us in helping to realise the potential of this exceptional industry.

David Newman