President’s Message


WBA is a global association and our growth since our birth in late 2016 bears testimony to this. Companies have joined from Japan, Latin America, Africa and Asia, alongside of course Europe and North America, and this clearly demonstrates WBA’s worldwide outreach. By bringing their experiences together, WBA is able to provide strong support towards the global development of the biogas industry.

We face many challenges – the demand for energy is continuously growing and the need to produce energy cleanly, from renewable sources, without impacting the environment and air quality is essential. Biogas does this, providing baseload power, heat, fuel for transport, as well as electricity, but also brings another benefit that no other energy source offers – nutrients for soil. We have a wonderful story to tell and a game-changing sector to promote. Getting this message out to a global audience of policy makers is essential to enable our industry to flourish and help address today’s global challenges. This is why WBA exists.

As part of this ambition to demonstrate the value of the anaerobic digestion industry to society, I am proud of our collaboration this year with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Initiative and the Global Methane Initiative of the US Environment Protection Agency to produce a global report on urban food waste management. Cities have a major challenge in understanding how to prevent, collect and recycle food waste. This report will lay out experiences and pathways to a more sustainable use of food waste as a resource and will be a beacon to cities setting out on this arduous journey.

We desperately need to act urgently to combat climate change and improve the quality of life for millions of our fellow citizens. I am thinking here about food production, sanitation, water, waste and air quality issues. We want the biogas industry to make its contribution to alleviating those issues and we are confident that it has the technologies, expertise and practices to make a significant and lasting contribution to global well-being.

David Newman