Here’s How UNESCO World Heritage Site Mahabalipuram Became Completely Litter-Free

A town in Tamil Nadu with a population of about 20,000 people has become environmentally sustainable and litter-free. Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO declared heritage site, just 55 km south of Chennai, has about 5,000 households. Here almost 85 per cent of the waste is segregated at the source and diverted from reaching the landfills. HiH used the composted waste to developing a biogas plant. It collaborated with the Mamallapuram Town Panchayat and installed a 100 cu.m biogas plant with the capacity of handling about 500kg of food waste. Food waste is converted to Methane, which is then used to generate electricity through a biogas generator. Currently, the electricity generated is used to light up 30 street lights on the East Coast Road.

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