Membership benefits

With our extensive experience and knowledge of policy mechanisms that support separate food waste collections and biogas infrastructure, as well as our market knowledge and data on biogas infrastructure costs, we are uniquely placed to help countries develop the policies that will support the growth of a biogas industry that will help them to meet their goals.

At the same time we will support our industry members to take advantage of these growing markets through direct contact, our networking events and numerous publications. And continue to promote and develop industry standards, support best practice across all areas including health & safety and invest in research and innovation to ensure that we as an industry perform to the highest levels and deliver maximum value from the resources we process.

For further information, please contact Laura Baldussi on or tel: +44 (0) 20 3735 8116

Voice of the global biogas industry

  • Engaging with key multilateral bodies and investors
  • Demonstrating the value and potential of the global biogas industry
  • Promoting biogas, anaerobic digestion and bioresources on a global scale
  • Bringing together experts from across the world
  • Providing members with top level support at a governmental and inter-governmental level.

Sharing knowledge, experience and best practice

  • Learning lessons from case studies from around the world
  • Sharing knowledge, experiences and challenges
  • Practical support and facilitation
  • Sharing technical information and solutions
  • Help establishing countries develop best practice and policy mechanisms

Promote investment in research and innovation

  • Promoting and supporting investment in R&I to maximize the industry’s potential and reduce its cost
  • Facilitating the dissemination of the results globally

Data collection and analysis

  • Analysing and providing data demonstrating the industry’s environmental and economic potential
  • Evidencing the industry’s contribution to energy and food security, climate change targets and UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Collecting industry cost data to support consultation responses
  • Mapping the size and growth of global markets

Events and meetings

  • Annual global conference (rotating around the world)
  • Meetings / events at Climate Change and other international conferences and events
  • Regional exhibitions, events and meetings
  • Working groups and committees

Publications and reports

  • Global Biogas Industry Directory
  • Advocacy and position papers outlining value and scale of the industry
  • Practical Guides and Best Practice Checklists and Schemes
  • Global biogas website
  • International market reports

Join us in realising the potential of the global biogas industry.