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Third Party Events

IBBA Workshop on antibiotics in manure & digestate: 10-11 January, 2019

The 8th IBBA workshop will address antibiotics in manure and digestate – their effects on the environment, the challenges of analysis and whether or not anaerobic digestion can provide improvement.

The workshop is part of a Thuringian project called ABIOTEC, which aims to improve analysis of antibiotics and manure utilization.

In modern animal husbandry, antibiotic agents are used therapeutically or preventively to protect the animals. Through the manure and other fertilizers, these are proportionately transported to the cultivated soils. Can the chemical-analytical detection of antibiotics in manure be improved? Can the microbial degradation of these substances be accelerated – for example by means of anaerobic digestion? Experts on the topic of antibiotics, their degradation and transformation products will share their research experience.

Full information can be found here.

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