Making Carbon Count: pricing in externalities to drive the Circular Economy

11 December – Brussels

In Partnership with EESC


On the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol, WBA and the European Economic and Social Committee of the European Commission are meeting to discuss and analyse the current status on carbon pricing, carbon markets and how these could influence European policies on resource management and recovery.

The conference will explore the potential synergy between a post-Paris Emissions Trading System and the European Commission’s Circular Economy policy. For example, how pricing-in the value of avoided carbon emissions, or the cost of carbon emissions, could have a significant impact upon the markets for secondary raw materials from waste.

We will pose questions such as: could a carbon price drive up resource recovery? Would pricing in the externalities of emissions caused by making virgin plastic, wood pulp, or aluminium, actually make secondary recovered resources more competitive? What would happen if we taxed the CO2 emissions from WtE plants? What would be the impact of imposing a carbon tax on landfills as was briefly done in Australia?

A highly qualified group of experts from finance and the waste and resource industry will debate these options and eventualities, to help us learn from other industries and countries what a carbon price will mean for waste recyclers, WtE operators, AD operators, landfill managers, and raw material producers.


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